I received this question on my answer machine the other day. “If everything is always supposed to be positive. When am I ever just supposed to just be me and feel the way I feel and feel sad or upset or grouchy or even negative?” …….

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Sloppy thinking is when you let your thoughts go off on a wild tangent?. If you are aware of how you are feeling – then you are aware of what vibration you are sending out to the Universe. If you are aware of that – you are then aware of what LOA will be sending your way……

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We each have our own personal GPS system! It is your inner voice – your intuition – some call it your guide?. Whatever you call it – it is your own internal guidance system and it is working all day – everyday?

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That’s a statement I hear often when people are learning how to apply the Law of Attraction in their lives… My first response – well at least in my head is – So? – But I don’t usually say that because I do understand what is going on… First off – I have friends and family members who don’t understand me – So I certainly live this experience…..

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