Do you always want to go with the flow? What if you are feeling beat up by the flow? If I’m resisting it … well we know that is not going to work either. So what do you do? ….

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“Abra Cadabra… Manifest Now!” Wouldn’t you love it? To say those?[highlighter color=”yellow-vibrant” ]magical words[/highlighter] and …. Poof – there is that thing you wanted! So… How come it doesn’t work like that? Well … actually it can and does …. And you don’t even need to say the magical words to have it happen… But…. […]

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The “New Normal”….

by Ellie Walsh

Do you believe in Miracles? Or are miracles a normal occurrence of everyday life? Is life supposed to be miraculous?

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If you can be objective as you look within the situations that have happened in your life – I do believe you will find the outcome of the situation was aligned with the vibration you held.

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Is your life going along as you envision it? or ?. Do you feel you know what you want ? you know how you want to live ? but you feel you can?t quite get there? ….

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Barns Burning? Sky Falling? Disaster? Recession? Depression? Catastrophe?
These are just some of the words being used to describe our current worldly affairs?

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While this is the 43rd edition of the Carnival – this is also our First edition of a new format – The Best of the Best articles on Law of Attraction. I have found reading the articles that were submitted a bit challenging for me…. Hmmm OK I’ll re-phrase that – I’ll say this has been an opportunity….

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Do you ever feel like you are getting ?sucked in? by the people around you? Here is a question I received this week from someone who is brand new to learning about the Law of Attraction – – –

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