Are these statements empowering or dis-empowering you? Is that statement really soothing you? I think that is BS … You’ll have to read the article to find out what I mean by that! 😉

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Finding and clarifying what you want in life takes some inner work. Bestselling author, Michael Losier has developed a process to help you uncover your fulfillment needs so you can live your life’s purpose! This July 28th we are offering a Free training call with Michael Losier so you can go through this process for yourself!

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Why do some people get what they want… and others get what they don’t want? It’s all about the beliefs (what I call “old stories”) that you hold. The beliefs you hold are, in essence, your expectations of your life. In order to change your life … you have to change your expectations….

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If you knew without a doubt your dreams and desires were guaranteed – would you be doing anything different today? …

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