Are You Giving It?

by Ellie Walsh

Are you giving it … not just Thanks … what about appreciation… Today in the States is a day to give Thanks… Do you also Give Appreciation? Let others know you appreciate them? When you do … you put that appreciation out into the Universe and both you and they benefit! Win / Win

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A Moment in 2010

by Ellie Walsh

When this all came to me… at first I thought – how odd I would be thinking of this moment as my most alive moment in 2010… But immediately realized it was indeed true…..

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Home for Thanksgiving …

by Ellie Walsh

Today, in the states, it is Thanksgiving. Families have traveled all sorts of distances to celebrate together. Carol & I are home for this day… though we had planned on “going home” to visit our families.

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Law of Attraction Blog Carnival #40 is now posted. This edition’s topic is Appreciation / Gratitude. What do you appreciate? What are you grateful for? Do you find a way to appreciate something everyday in your life?

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Law of Attraction Carnival #39 is now posted. This was a general roundup of Law of Attraction, Deliberate Creation, Manifestation articles. Enjoy! Also… Topic for our next LOA Carnival is….

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