How can I use the Law of Attraction in my daily life?

This is a question I get asked often... And it is the reason for this website...

My name is Ellie Walsh - I am a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer and Life Coach. Learning HOW to utilize the Law of Attraction was life changing for me. You can read more about me and my journey here.

Ellie Walsh
Maybe you heard about the Law of Attraction from reading or watching The Secret. More and more people are talking about it - and more and more people are asking this question - How can I apply this in my daily life?
My passion is to guide others to that very answer through this website, workshops, teleseminars and private coaching. If you have questions - I will help you find Your Answers. Contact Me

Are You Giving It?

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Are you giving it … not just Thanks … what about appreciation… Today in the States is a day to give Thanks… Do you also Give Appreciation? Let others know you appreciate them? When you do … you put that appreciation out into the Universe and both you and they benefit! Win / Win

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Abra Cadabra… Manifest Now!

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“Abra Cadabra… Manifest Now!” Wouldn’t you love it? To say those?[highlighter color=”yellow-vibrant” ]magical words[/highlighter] and …. Poof – there is that thing you wanted! So… How come it doesn’t work like that? Well … actually it can and does …. And you don’t even need to say the magical words to have it happen… But…. […]

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Question and Answer Time – Part 2

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Do you feel like it is easy to manifest the small things… but those bigger things you want are avoiding you? Here is part 2 from our last question ….

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Question and Answer Time ….

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Question and Answer time … I picked this question to share because it contains several questions within it … and hits upon many of the same thoughts I receive from readers. Please share your thoughts and comments with us…

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Tell A New Story for 2012

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Tell a new story for 2012 and change your life! You probably aren’t even aware of all the limiting beliefs you have stored in your subconscious that is running your day… your life…. There is an easy way to change those limiting stories into new uplifting stories that honor you! Join me on this journey…..

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Searching for Limiting Beliefs….

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I want to have wealth ? and I am not experiencing it! So?. apparently I have a ?limiting belief? that is holding me away it! How can I clear these limiting beliefs?

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I Don’t Know My Passion!

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Finding and clarifying what you want in life takes some inner work. Bestselling author, Michael Losier has developed a process to help you uncover your fulfillment needs so you can live your life’s purpose! This July 28th we are offering a Free training call with Michael Losier so you can go through this process for yourself!

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What Does A Toothbrush and Meditation Have in Common?

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Why do we sometimes meditate and always brush our teeth? Both have huge benefits for us ….

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The “New Normal”….

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Do you believe in Miracles? Or are miracles a normal occurrence of everyday life? Is life supposed to be miraculous?

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