You Will ALWAYS Get What You Expect!

by Ellie Walsh

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So…. I’ve received a few emails from folks who were upset about this article…. “You Can’t EVER Get What You Want“? They were upset…. “What do you mean I can’t get my dreams?” “You are the person who says we can live our desires” …

Hmmm – I’m guessing they only read the headline and not the entire post… Or they were so upset by the headline – it stayed with them even when they read the article…

I also heard from a few who said …

  • “I am getting what I want… so does that mean I am expecting what I want?”

If you are getting what you want… If you are seeing the manifestation of your dreams… If you are seeing the pathway to your dreams being laid out in front of you…. Then you have a belief in your desires… You have an expectation for things to go well for you…

Another person said …

  • “I am hearing what you are saying… and I need help in formulating these dreams into expectations”

Why does one person have a belief their desires will work out for them and another person doesn’t?

We could probably go into hours and hours of conversation … analyzing each person’s life story … their upbringing… the circumstances they were brought up in …. the situations they observed other people living… etc… etc… We would then be able to *see* the foundation of their beliefs…

Or …. We could keep this very simple, which is what I do …. and realize it doesn’t really matter what got you here… what matters is what you are doing thinking right now.

Even if we figure out … this first happened when you were 3 … then it was anchored when you were 4 … all through your school years …. etc.. etc… So what? You can’t change what has happened already….

You can’t change history…. you can change, right now, where your focus is….

If you are not seeing the results of the dreams and desires you have in your life today….

It Does Not Mean…

  • You aren’t smart enough…
  • You haven’t worked hard enough…
  • This isn’t going to happen for you…

All it means is ….

  • You have not yet turned those dreams into expectations… You have some beliefs, “old stories”, that are clouding your focus…

I Think I Believe….

Sometimes it takes a little bit of reflection to realize —? “You want to believe that you believe these things will happen for you” – I have spoken about my own personal experience of this… wanting so badly to believe that I believed! I was not paying attention to “how I felt” instead I was trying to plow through and make this dream a reality.

That plowing through … actually anchored those “old stories”, again, that I had about success… as the outcome I wanted – didn’t turn out!

If your desires haven’t shown up in your life… it is time to look at them…and feel them…

If your dream is to be a millionaire next year … and you have an income of 26,000 per year with very little, if any, money in the bank … My question to you is – What do you FEEL when you say “I will be a millionaire next year?” Do you really feel that is true? Or do you soooo wish that would be / could be true?!

I’m guessing it is the latter…. Don’t be upset by that… You need to be very honest about how you feel about these desires. When you know how you truly feel … then you can shift your way into your dreams…

Shift Into Expectation…

Play with the desire – how does it feel to say I will double my income by next year? Find a level that you feel you can believe….

Now you might be thinking… “Well I just went from wanting to be a millionaire to settling for 52,000 a year! – I don’t want to settle for that!”

I agree… I don’t want you to settle either…. I want you to start to change those “old stories” – those beliefs that have been holding you back…? The only way to do that – is to start telling new stories… and those stories have to be believable to your brain!

I talk about how your brain works… how it is it’s job to keep your life within your beliefs in the free video series

Then you keep shifting …. “Well…. I could double my income this year… and I know people who have even tripled their income in a year… I know there are lots of opportunities out there for me and I am open and ready for them. I know there have been people who were poor and became rich … This is not impossible … I am in the process of having these changes in my life… I am in the process of becoming a millionaire…”

Those are the kind of dialogues you want to have with you! You want to create and anchor new stories about your life. As you do… you absolutely will see movement … As you see the evidence of these things happening … you are now anchoring the new stories.

“In the Process”

Notice how I used those words “in the process”? in the above example… They are crucial words in creating your new beliefs. They soften your “old stories” … They can make it so much easier for your brain to believe…

  • “I have the job of my dreams”
    If you don’t have that job….your brain is kicking up a storm … and you know by how you feel when you say that….
  • “I’m in the process of having the job of my dreams”
    Ahhh – that feels better… much easier for your brain to accept

Think – Feel – Shift …. Think – Feel – Shift

Whatever is going on in your life today … is, in essence, an expectation. You now can look at these situations and start to shift your dreams into expectations….

There are lots of processes to help you make those shifts…. Abraham Hicks lists 22 processes in the book Ask And It Is Given

I have created and fine-tuned several process for my groups and clients which I will be talking about in great detail at –

If you have any questions or thoughts to share… Please leave a comment! 🙂


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1 smart guy August 19, 2011 at 10:05 am

HI elie
nice article worth reading and understand why you r not getting suceess you deserve

thanks for enlighting

2 Ellie August 21, 2011 at 10:26 am

Hi smart guy …. Thanks for visiting and sharing! 😉

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