You Can’t EVER Get What You Want….

by Ellie Walsh

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  • You can’t get what you Want…
  • You can’t get what you Desire…
  • You can’t get your Dreams!

OK … some of you might be thinking that I have totally lost my mind! Aren’t I the one who says you can get what you want? I even have a website and program called “You Can Create the Life You Desire” ….

Hey… even the song says “you can’t always get what you want… but if you try real hard… you get what you need”

And… that song is probably close to what you believe…

  • You can’t always get what you want
  • You have to try real hard
  • And hopefully you’ll get what you need… and maybe you’ll get a bit more than that!

And if that is what you believe… that is exactly what you are living…. because…. that is what you expect…

You Will Always Get What You Expect!

Your expectations are your beliefs…. And your brain is programmed to follow your beliefs…

Most of us don’t really understand how we work…. how our brains work….

We don’t understand that we have developed habits of reactions, habits of thought processes, habits of beliefs. And most of us are not even aware of these habits.

These beliefs mostly come from when we are young… but we are still anchoring them stronger and stronger into our subconscious today! We have a belief…. we then live it …. that anchors it …. we believe it stronger…. live it again…. anchor in deeper…. yada… yada… yada…

It is now known that we live our lives mostly from our subconscious (that is where those habits and beliefs are stored) – about 90 – 95% of our day we are on auto-pilot … Doing things … thinking thoughts and making decisions based on old stories that were handed to us when we were younger.

Your brain’s job is to keep you within those limits of your beliefs!

That is it’s job! And it does it very well! If you were taught it is hard to achieve the things you want…. well then you are living it is hard!

If you want to expand your life …. live your desires, your dreams… You have to change those habits of thoughts!You have to turn those wants …. into expectations….

So how do you change your wants into expectations?

  • Pay attention to how you feel — if you are wanting something … and you find you feel frustrated when you think about it – you have to step back a bit and reformulate it ….
  • Visualizing is a good way …. seeing yourself accomplishing or living your dreams
  • Meditation – taking 15 minutes a day to calm those thoughts that rush around in our heads
  • Affirmations – Affirmations work — IF you know how to formulate them for you.
  • Being aware of the old stories…. and Creating New Healthy Stories – ReTraining Your Brain

Understanding how the Law of Attraction works and learning how to utilize it in your life can be life-changing! But… I am seeing many people still stumbling a bit … and that is because the other important piece is missing … which is understanding and learning how our brains work!

When you put these two pieces together…. the puzzle comes together…

At ReTrain Your Brain For Success we finished a 12 week private workshop where we went deeply into the Law of Attraction and How our Brains Work…. Information on those habits and old stories, processes on how to change them, specific meditations for connecting within and building self esteem, examples and a private forum.

Coming in February I will be opening the doors to a limited number of people…. If you want more information and get notified when the doors are opening … Visit me at


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh


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