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What if You Had a Guarantee?

by Ellie Walsh

I asked this question on Twitter last week….

“What would you do today if you knew you absolutely could not fail?”

Monday evening I reworded it and asked it to the Law of Attraction Focus Group“If you knew without a doubt your dreams and desires were guaranteed – would you be doing anything different today?”

The majority of the group said yes – Some said they would be writing their resignation letters – some said they would be making plans for the trips they want to take – some said they would feel more easy as they would have no money worries….

We did have one member who said he was not going to do anything different till he has some solid evidence in his hand about this guarantee… like a check! I say – “This is a guarantee – that check is yours. So would you now be making plans for that money? Nope… he wanted that check in his hand first….

To the rest of the group I say – “Well go ahead and do all those things as you do indeed have a guarantee!” Now everyone had been smiling, laughing, whispering to each other about the plans they were making… until I said this. Then I saw the energy shift a little – I saw people get a little uncomfortable… Hmmm Maybe there was more than one of them that wanted that check in their hand!? 😉

Is there a Guarantee?

Sure there is – You are guaranteed you will attract to you equal to the signal, the vibration that you are sending out. That is the Law of Attraction at work.

That hesitancy that showed up when I told the group they could go ahead with their plans… is the reason their dreams and desires have not yet shown up.

Cultivate the Mindset…

Many of us have the mindset of “I’ll believe it – when I see it” And the Law of Attraction says – “You’ll see it – when you believe it”

I know… it isn’t always easy to do…. You are looking at this thing you do not want or you are looking at the lack of what you want… You sigh – How can I believe this when what I see is so void of what I want to see?!

We talked about how to shift our thoughts – how to deliberately choose thoughts that make us feel better….

What if this really works?

Then I said – What if this is true? What if this guarantee is true and all you have to do to invoke it is to be aware of how your are feeling… and deliberately choose your thoughts.

What if this really works? What if I focus on the guarantee of my desires… What if I start to see evidence of my dreams and desires unfolding… What if I purposely keep myself in that happy place that I feel when I think of these desires… What if I do that purposely… and what if it works?!

I could feel the energy rising back up in the room…. I could see possibility light up in their eyes….

Let’s Play a Game…

Let’s play that we do indeed believe that all these dreams and desires are guaranteed. Let’s just play – let’s see how this feels – let’s see what happens as we play this game – let’s see how this all unfolds.

So when a bill comes and we think – “Oh how am I going to pay this bill?” – and then we purposely shift – “Oh wait… all that money is coming – it is Guaranteed! I don’t have to get upset about this. It is all being taken care of.. The abundance is right there for me Guaranteed!”

Or you are at work and the thought comes – “Ugh I don’t want to be here…” -? “Oh wait… I am on my way out of here – it is Guaranteed! I will be sending that resignation letter. I will be taking that trip I am planning – it is Guaranteed. The freedom I desire is Guaranteed – I don’t need to get upset about any of this!”

The Game is On…..

I felt people shifting… the energy in that room was building. I actually could physically see the shift happen – faces softened and lit up, body language got relaxed and easy. The room was lit with high positive energy – the faces were smiling!

I told them I was also in on this game and we would play it for one month. The game is easy – Purposely stay in that happy mindset you have when you know something is guaranteed.

I also told the group to stay connected with me during this month – let me know if they get stuck and especially let me know all the wonder-filled things that happen as the days go on……

Will You Join Us?

Play the game with us for the next month – We can play right here at this post. Leave your comments…… and I will play along!

Have a High Vibe Day! It’s Guaranteed! 😀


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh



1 Carol June 6, 2009 at 12:42 pm

OK, here’s a guarantee story. We just finished re-doing a house that now has two lovely apartments for rent when one was uninhabitable and the other was terribly outdated. I have not yet advertised the apts for rent, yet everyday I go to the house, someone stops by to inquire about it, or a neighbor tells me that people were asking her about it. With no effort on my part, I KNOW this place will rent – guaranteed.

Now here’s another part of the guarantee that has had me befuddled: I truly want to rent to someone who has the potential to buy the house and could do so with some assistance from a good mortgage broker and creative financing. Yet, I have not been attracting those people because I realized my vibration is mixed with thoughts of what I “should” do for people who simply need a place to live.

Today, I realize that the people I am looking for will come to me — GUARANTEED! My work in this is to let go of the “shoulds.” I’ll keep you posted……….


2 Ellie June 7, 2009 at 12:06 am

Hi Carol….

It is a good idea not to “should” on yourself! 😉

Keep us posted…….

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