The “New Normal”….

by Ellie Walsh

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A week ago … We returned from a 10 day Abraham-Hicks Panama Canal Cruise. It was a wonder-filled experience… There we were in this warm tropical climate being treated like royalty on the Holland America cruise line…. surrounded by many like-minded people … and to top it off we had 12-13 hours of Abraham workshops.

I would call it Spectacular! Should I call it “Normal”?

Early in the workshops a gentleman who was in the hot seat started to describe a process he does with a group and he said the results were miraculous. Abraham picked right up on that word *Miraculous* …. I am not quoting them here … as I am coming from my memory …? from my perception of the conversation …. They were questioning why we would label things a *miracle* — in essence they said calling something a *miracle* is saying it should have never happened… Yet we say we believe we can create anything….

Immediately I had the Ah Hah … the Ah Hah of how we lower our expectations …. we don’t expect super duper things to happen … Yet we say we do….

We say things like:

  • “I want my friend to be cured of cancer” and when she is … we call it a “miracle”
  • “I want that job” … and when we get it … we call it a miracle! “There were so many applicants it was a miracle I got that job!”

Abraham always says:

“You can Be, Do or Have Anything You Desire”

Do we really believe that? Can we believe that and at the same time call something a miracle?

Today I went onto my facebook page and asked the question “What is a Miracle?” – You can see all the responses at the page –

There are no right or wrong answers as each person is sharing their own unique perspective…

These last few years I don’t usually call things a miracle anymore… just because I am aware that anything… anything is possible… But I do still call things “spectacular, awesome, glorious” … Abraham also poked at these types of words during our days together….

No Abraham wasn’t beating up on our vocabulary … for me, they were making a Big point … The point being that we have a tendency Not to expect Miraculous, Spectacular, Awesome, Glorious things happening in our lives… we have a tendency to lower our expectations….


Well what if I expect these Glorious things to happen … and they don’t… then I would be devastated… So I will lower my expectations and avoid being hurt… But aren’t you really disappointed anyways … and what if by lowering my expectations I lowered my vibration??!!

So did that Glorious thing not happen because it would have been a Miracle …. or did it not happen because I didn’t vibrate it…. I didn’t expect it??!? (You will always get what you expect)

Little children expect what we adults would call *miracles* …. yet if they do not see that exact thing happening they are not devastated… they don’t feel unworthy… and their next wish is another one of those *miracles* ….

I’m not saying they don’t protest when they don’t get what they want … but when they are young (before we have taught them other reactions) – they recover quickly…

Why aren’t they devastated like we adults are? … Because they are not tied to the details of the desire….

Stay with me here … cause this is Big ….
They are not stuck on how this *miraculous* thing has to look … They are not attached to the details…. they are attached to the feeling of *miraculous* … they are attached to their belief that life is supposed to be Spectacular, Miraculous, Awesome & Glorious!

Children have higher expectations of life than adults do. I know… I can hear some of you saying … “Well they can believe it all they want but many still do not get it.” I would question that … Have you ever seen the absolute thrill in a child’s face the first time they ride a bike? … or when a puppy kisses their face? …. or the first time they go to the zoo? … or even when they are happily off in the room playing by themselves? …. Glorious, Spectacular………

What Abraham finally said was how we should start seeing these *miraculous* things as normal … the new normal!

Think of it … If we can Be, Do or Have anything we want… then that is normal …

We call the birth of babies a *miracle* … Here is this miraculous moment…. one in thousands when you are conceived…. We call that a miracle…. Then there is a gestation period… And then there is this *miracle* birth… The *miracle* of life ….

Life is a *Miracle* …. yet it happens throughout the day …. all day every day …. so we also consider it *Normal*

A Miracle is Normal!

I’m not suggesting you change your vocabulary …. because we use these words to describe our excitement about a situation …. we use them to display how happy we are …

I am suggesting you look at your expectations about your life … and start to upgrade your expectations! Start to expect these *miracles* in your life…. That is the New Normal! 😉


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh



1 AffirmingSpirit April 4, 2011 at 2:40 pm

It’s so true, Ellie! I’ve even heard LOA coaches talk about our ability to create then feel *sorry* for someone who has just gotten a diagnosis or is experiencing contrast.

We ALL have the choice to create something better, yet sometimes our words reflect disbelief.

Thanks for sharing the wisdom of Abe and glad to hear you had a(nother) wonderful cruise!

Many blessings,

2 Ellie April 4, 2011 at 4:08 pm

Hi Nancy….
Yes… Yes… We all have that choice! Its those “old stories” that pop-up that put us into the disbelief mode…
So important to be aware of what we are feeling…. then we will know what we are creating!
Big Thanks for sharing! 😀

3 Katherine C. H. E. (CEO of the iaLOAp) April 10, 2011 at 10:18 am

I LOVE talking about the “new normal” where what we used to call miracles are the expected, eagerly anticipated part of the every-day! VERY important distinction as you point out… YAY!! ? ? ? Katherine.

4 Ellie April 11, 2011 at 11:57 am

Hi Katherine ….
So good to *see* you here!
Yes! Let’s go to the rooftops and proclaim the “new normal”!!
Wishing you and absolutely “New Normal” Day! 😉

5 Sarah April 18, 2011 at 8:50 pm

I was just in St. Martin and loved the view of the water. The new normal is a great way to describe the magic of living life as it really is.

6 Jan April 28, 2011 at 11:20 pm

I have a relatable question about gratitude. When I do a gratitude statement it turns around on me. If for example I state ‘I am so grateful for my bed to sleep in’ my mind jumps ahead to ‘because think of all the poor homeless people sleeping in the street’ and then I’m left with that terrifying image instead of a good feeling about something that needs to be accepted and embraced. How do you do gratitude without thinking of the other side?

7 Jan April 28, 2011 at 11:30 pm

To clarify my above thought- in other words, when we do gratitude for normal things, it’s as if we’re setting them up as miracles and not normals, and if everything is a miracle how are we accepting it into our life with ease as we should be and need to in order to allow it to exist in our reality…

8 Shannon May 30, 2011 at 6:31 pm

Answer to Jan: I understand your statement, more than you could know. I have a son who is a drug addict that lives on the streets in Phoenix. I am grateful for my bed when I go to sleep at night. The ability to do that without guilt? It is accepting that I do not control the choices of others. I accept that. I await the day that my son will discover the gifts that he has and the wonderful life that is waiting for him.

9 Ellie June 6, 2011 at 12:55 am

Hi Jan…. Gee – your comments slipped right past me… Sorry for this late reply.

I don’t do “gratitude” – I do “appreciation” –

While they seem the same… Gratitude can carry a beholden, indebted feeling… While Appreciation is just about appreciating…

Appreciate your bed at night… appreciate the sun shining … appreciate the unexpected event happening… 😉

10 Ellie June 6, 2011 at 1:01 am

Hi Shannon….
You are right … we cannot control the choices of others… And even when we do not like the choices that others have made… we can still find things about them to appreciate.

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