Tell A New Story for 2012

by Ellie Walsh

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Tell A New Story…. Change Your Life

Sounds simple doesn?t it?
I?ll just ?talk? new stories and my life will change… Well it is that simple… but… we aren?t usually aware of the ?old stories? that are running around in our heads …? If they are in your head ? you are ?telling? them!

We have 50,000-70,000 thoughts running through our heads on a daily basis ? Phew….? 😯 ? The majority of those thoughts are self-limiting and repetitive (which means we are telling that story over and over and over!)

Where do those self-limiting, repetitive thoughts come from?
Most of them come from our childhood… We stored these thoughts as beliefs …. These were the things people told us we couldn?t do … things we weren?t good at …. things that were impossible to do … etc… etc…

Every thought carries a vibration …. Yup – even those repetitive, limiting thoughts that we are not quite aware of ….

Law of attraction responds to our vibrations… It?s definition is ?match vibrations?

So what are we calling to ourselves that we aren?t even aware of?

What are ?Old Stories?
?Old Stories? … are nothing more than beliefs … Some people call them ?core? beliefs … That sounds a bit scary as it sounds like we are hard-wired and can?t change those.

Let?s get rid of some misconceptions…

#1 – You can’t change your core beliefs.

You can indeed change those stories …. we are not hard-wired to them forever… Even science now agrees with this ? they call it neuroplasticity.

All a belief is … is a thought that has been thought over and over again. The more we think it (hear it, live it) we anchor it …. It becomes a part of our belief system.

The more you anchor (hear it, say it, think it, been told it) the bigger the anchor … Those are the ones people refer to as ?core? beliefs.

Don?t get me wrong … some of those beliefs you anchored are uplifting and benefit you. And yes those are also part of the 50-70 thousands thoughts that go through your head every day.

But … lots of them aren?t uplifting ….

#2 – I will just make myself focus on the uplifting ones!

I absolutely agree with that statement…. But … Most people don?t understand how our brains work! Our subconscious brain (where all those ?old stories? are stored) controls most of our day. That is why we aren?t 100% aware of the thoughts that are rolling around.

Don?t believe me?
When you learned how to drive a car ? you had to pay attention… lots of attention! Get in the car ? put the key in ? check that the seat is at the right angle for you … check your mirrors ? turn the key ? check your gauges, gas, battery, engine temp … etc…. Now going to pull out ? check the oncoming traffic ? put the car in drive – put your signal on … look ahead, check the oncoming traffic again …. put your foot on the gas … easy … check the traffic … look where you are going … the traffic and where you are going.. OK you are now on the road.

Do you do all of that now when you drive? Well you probably do, I hope!? ;)? But you don?t think about it do you? You are programmed …. driving has become a part of your subconscious … and you go on auto-pilot and off you go!

  • What other kind of programming do you have in your subconscious?
  • Are you reacting to situations in your life from auto-pilot?
  • And …. Are those re-actions based on limiting ?old stories??

If you aren?t 100% living the life that you?ve always wanted … the answer is Yes. You have ?old stories? that are limiting you!

So – how is it possible to change these stories?
I thought you’d never ask!? ;)?? Trying to will away your old stories – doesn’t usually work. First off – because what you resist will persist (that’s LOA at work!) …. So if you are aware of an old limiting belief and you are determined to get rid of it … that determination will actually hold it to you!

And… Secondly … Many times we aren’t even aware of the old stories that are running around … If we aren’t aware of them – how could we will it away?

There is an easy way…. 🙂
Every year at this time … I give away a free ebook ?Out With the Old ~ In With the New?. The information and process in that book was originally written for my private clients to guide them on to ?new stories? that uplift them, honor them and keep them on the pathway to creating the life they desire. And… it Works!

I will gladly give that book to you again this year…. And…. Take it a step further!

Earlier this month I gave that ebook to people at my new website – Create Your Life Academy … We also had a webinar talking about it. I then received several emails asking me why don’t I create a class, workshop for working with this process.

Great idea! I could just set it up at the membership site …. I could certainly charge for it … as it will take a considerable amount of my time….? Then I realized – setting it up at the membership site was not going to be as easy as I would like … as the site is currently undergoing some under-the-hood changes … I was going to put this idea on the shelf….

But – today I thought about it again … I could do this as a private group on facebook! And… Since today is my birthday and I am receiving lots of love and wonder-filled wishes … I thought – Put it on facebook and make it Free!

So that is what I am going to do!
I’ve created a closed facebook group “Tell A New Story for 2012” – I will be in there for the month of January guiding you through that ebook and way beyond!

I’m not going to write a whole big sales page of what the benefits are for you …. this is getting long enough… If you know me – you know there will be many benefits! If you don’t know me … well you can join us and see for yourself!

I will say one thing: This is not a get-fixed-quick-scheme! The information and processes I will bring to you at the group will absolutely change your life ….. IF ….. you are willing to take the time to do them and take the time to bring your questions and comments to the group!

If you just want the ebook you can get it here: “Out with the Old – In with the New

If you are ready to go on a journey for the month of January …. and start your New Year with the stories/beliefs that support you and honor you – then join me at the group “Tell A New Story for 2012” here:

You need to be signed into facebook … and when you get to the page on the top right click the button – Ask to Join Group. It is a closed group – I will respond and let you in … the group is closed so you can feel free to talk and ask questions and only the members will see it.

We officially start on January 1st, 2012 — but come in before – download the ebook – and introduce yourself. I am really very excited about this!? I know this is life-changing and I love to hear people tell me all their great results …. so this is a great birthday present to me!? 🙂


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