Searching for Limiting Beliefs….

by Ellie Walsh

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Q) “If a person is not experiencing wealth and they believe they may have limiting beliefs towards money but do not know what those beliefs are, how do they, uncover those beliefs so that they can be cleared?

I see so many “experts” offering a million different ways to “get clear” but nobody talks about finding out what our limiting beliefs are.”

This is a great question posted over at my facebook page and while I started to answer it there… I knew this is a “topic” that many think about … and it is worth going into some depth about…

A) Lets look at the foundation of the question — ‘I believe I have limiting beliefs’ and ‘I believe I don’t know what these are … and … I need to know what they are in order to clear them’

The belief/vibration of the above — is actually what is limiting me!!

How could that be? I want to have wealth … and I am not experiencing it! So…. apparently I have a “limiting belief” that is holding me away from what I want!

Yes … that is true … If I am not experiencing what I want …. I have some beliefs/thoughts that are creating the vibration that is holding it away from me… Or better said – I am experiencing the outcome of the vibration I am putting out to the Universe.

We absolutely have beliefs that limit us … You will hear me refer to them as “old stories” … Usually we have picked these up when we were young … from parents, teachers, peers … the people around us. We “believe them” hence we live them hence we anchor them … on and on.

So… wouldn’t it be easy if I could just pinpoint the belief and then change it?!

There is probably not one specific belief … and it has morphed through the years … it becomes integrated with other beliefs … so trying to find that specific or even group of beliefs … really isn’t very productive … And that search will keep us in that unwanted limiting vibration!

“I attract to myself whatever I give my attention, energy or focus to”

  • If my focus is on – “I don’t have wealth” — What am I attracting?
  • If my focus in on – “I have limiting beliefs” — What am I attracting?
  • If my focus in on – “I have limiting beliefs that I want to clear …. because I need to clear them in order to live the life I desire … but I don’t know what those limiting beliefs are…. “ — What am I attracting?

The quick and easy answer is ….

Stop putting your attention on what is not working in your life! Hmmm …. I hear many of you mumble … “Been there – done that … and that ain’t working either!”

Now I could spout what many LOA teachers would … which is — “And what is that vibration?”? And then we could go off on that merry-go-round. Sound familiar?

And while that truly is a Law of Attraction answer….

There can be merry-go-round here… a Catch 22 … It is essential to understand how the Law of Attraction works…. And – it is equally essential to understand How You Work – How Your Brain Works! — that is what I teach.


When you understand that you do indeed have these beliefs (old stories) that were programmed from when you were young….? Do you need to clear these beliefs?

Sometimes you do know a belief … I was raised with a belief that people with money were not nice people. Obviously a belief like that is certainly not helpful towards having abundance!? 😯

How did I discover that belief? Well actually that was my interpretation…. nobody ever outright told me people with money weren’t nice …. In my immediate family we didn’t have much money …. In essence the vibration about money was … it was a struggle … And there were some, not so nice, remarks said about people who had money.

As I have been on this self-discovery path … I did take time to look at my vibrations (beliefs) around varying topics.. Money was a big one for me… And this belief showed itself rather quickly … It just made sense when I looked at my childhood… and at my adulthood on how well I was living this belief! Why would I bring money to me if it was only for not nice people?!

I absolutely advocate taking the time to discover your vibration around the topics of your life. I teach this because it is about raising your awareness of what vibrations you are sending out to the Universe…. It is about your awareness of you!

It’s a simple process — and can be done with any topic in your life.

For this example we are using money … but you can substitute relationships, career, health … etc

  • What am I experiencing regarding money?
    • Well we know there is a feeling of lack of money
  • How was I brought up around this topic?
    • For me – there was lack of money in my house
  • What are my beliefs about money?
    • People who have money are not nice
    • Money is hard to come by
    • There is not enough to go around
    • You have to work very hard to get by
    • Money goes to money
    • etc… etc…

This simple exercise gives you an awareness of what you are putting out to the Universe and of the “old stories” that are stored within your beliefs.

OK – Got it — Now I can clear these – right?!

Maybe this is semantics … but I don’t teach clearing. You really can’t clear anything – the thought/belief is part of your experience … and while you may believe you would benefit from amnesia …?? ;)? you would lose an integral part of you!

Look at those thoughts … decide if they still benefit you (I say still … as at one time they did benefit you – even if that benefit was that you fit in within your family) – If the answer is “no benefit today” — Make peace with it – knowing that at one time it did serve you….. Now you can start telling a new story!

New Story…

The original LOA answer of “Stop putting your attention on what you don’t want” still applies. But without first addressing and making peace with the “old story habits” that run through our brains on a daily basis …. you are fighting against a thought/belief … instead of creating new thoughts/beliefs!

It’s time to take your attention away from what is not happening in your life… and – place your attention on what is happening!

Start a Happy Happenings Journal ….

Everyday you have abundance in your life… start recording it! Write down things you appreciate …. A cup of coffee – a butterfly – the sunset – a friend in your life …

Record the abundance… if you have a job – every payday you need to journal … “I got money today”. Did you win $2 with a scratchy lottery ticket? Write it down … Did someone buy you a cup of coffee today? It’s abundance – write it down. Found a nickel on the street? Abundance – write it down! Did you save .75 cents with a coupon? That is abundance – write it down!

I know … your brain will start to tell you “.75 is not what I was looking for!” — But… now you know these are “old stories” – Now you can dismiss them … Tell them … you aren’t listening anymore because your attention, focus and energy is on the abundance and wonder of your life! You are creating new stories … new habits of thought!

I also know your brain will tell you this process is much too easy…. That is an “old story” too …

You can be a deliberate creator … or go through life allowing the “old stories” to dictate how you live … It is totally up to you!? 😉

So… Your work is to get to know you … We usually know much more about other people in our lives than we do about ourselves…

I’m not saying to analyze you — we have done that much too often! Take time to pay attention to how you are feeling – honor and make peace with it! “I do feel like this … today I am aware this is an “old story” some old programming – I don’t have to follow this … instead I can put my attention on the abundance in my life right now!”

When you deliberately acknowledge the “old story” and deliberately choose not to follow it …. You create new habits of thought – “new stories” –

Searching for what is wrong with you … what is wrong in your life … Is a vibration that keeps you in the “what is wrong” arena!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you! You are a blessed, magnificent creator … and you have been powerfully creating your life according to your beliefs! Those beliefs aren’t “wrong” — they just might not serve you anymore … And… at anytime, powerful creator, — you can shift those beliefs, which will shift the direction of your life, by deliberately choosing where you will put your attention, energy and focus!

Revel in your power .. and have fun with this!?? 😉


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh



1 Zoe Routh August 15, 2011 at 8:14 pm

Hi Ellie

Nice thorough article about the catch 22 – Catch 22 is so irritating! hee hee

Apart from moving into appreciation and noticing abundance, I would add some other excellent strategies for embracing new beliefs/better feeling stories:

1. Repetition of thought through affirmations

2. Association of new thoughts with strong emotional response – any number of kinaesthetic or body-centric processes for these including EFT, Psych-K, visualisation.

I’m curious – do you do body work or have you experienced some body work that is helpful?

2 Ellie August 15, 2011 at 9:19 pm

Hi Zoe….
Catch 22 is irritating … when the info out there is not giving the big picture! 😉

I believe you have to move into “your” own unique affirmation … and you do that but staying aware of how you feel … and feeling your way in.

Funny (not really) how we have basically been taught Not to pay attention to how we feel .. to ignore how we feel and take that step anyways…

I teach a process I call TTP – Tap To Peace which is a modified version of EFT merged with a process I had “handed” to me – “Making Peace Process”

I’m all for any process that will get someone creating those “new stories”!

You don’t get rid of the old stories … you have to rewrite them …. The good news is … when you realize… You are the script writer… You get to write the play the way you want! 🙂

Always good to see you and hear from you!


3 Zoe Routh August 15, 2011 at 9:40 pm

Hi Ellie – “you have to rewrite them” – I LOVE this and it struck a cord. It sounds much gentler than ‘getting rid of’.

What happened when TTP got ‘handed’? Sounds mystical.

4 Ellie August 15, 2011 at 10:31 pm

Well… you really can’t “get rid” of them … And they truly are an integral part of us…

By “making peace” with them … we are able to find the “opportunities” within them… We are then able to re-write them.

Sometimes we do need some other body/energy work … to help us move beyond the negative attachments to that story.

However … it is always about “making peace” — and telling a new story.

“Mystical” – I’m smiling 🙂 as I would have never thought that about me …. Yet this simple process did come to me after a meditation … I am always thinking of ways I can guide people to tell a new story… and this was just handed to me. And has been a huge help for myself and many others!

I’m realizing while I speak often of making peace and have taught this process to many … I have never written about the process here…. I will have to do that! 😉

5 Zoe Routh August 15, 2011 at 10:43 pm

Ellie – I just watched this Tony Robbins video that talks about writing another story – VERY powerful – enjoy!

6 Ellie August 16, 2011 at 1:14 am

Excellent! Yes indeed – Very Powerful! I loved when he talked about you end up developing “psychological immunity” to bad things … So true … the more you change your story!
Thanks for sharing!

7 chip hambas September 26, 2011 at 10:51 pm

That was an awesome article…I needed to be reminded of that. I do find that I focus on what I want more and more every day. I have decided to Dream Building more often and it makes me much happier.

Great Stuff, Keep it up

8 Sara October 1, 2011 at 2:19 am

“old stories” is such a nice way of putting it.

9 Carol KIng January 15, 2012 at 7:28 am

Hi Ellie, thanks so much for answering this question, you have done so in a way that so many I have asked could not. It makes perfect sense to me that you say limiting beliefs or old stories should not be gotten rid of but re-written and yes the ones I have, have been useful at times in my life. It is just that some of them are no longer useful so using your method I will begin to re-write them.
Thanks again for this article and I hope you will leave it in place where others will find it for some-time as I see so many people asking the same question.
Carol xx

10 Ellie January 26, 2012 at 5:03 pm

Hi Carol ….

Glad you found this useful! If you are on facebook … you can join the facebook group –
It’s a private group – so you need to ask to join … I have been posting in there almost daily for the month of January … and I will continue to answer questions … etc even after January.

11 Krasimira April 16, 2012 at 4:28 pm

Hi Ellie,
this article really resonated with me.Re-writing one’s life script has a lot to do with brain re-train ,consciously and persistently replacing the insecure thoughts we have inherited from upbringing and previous life experience with secure, nurturing ones.Yes, this is not an overnight success process but it is a journey well worth taking.Changing our attraction point is the only way to bring all our heart’s desires within the radar screen of our own self created reality.Whatever system we decide to use to do so – this is at the core of making Law of Attraction “work”.Out with the old, in with the new.Well said.Thank you .

12 Tyson Russell October 12, 2012 at 2:52 am

Great article, while focusing on positive things is what we should do, the negative habits can distract us so making peace with it is a great idea. This way you can easily apply the law of attraction in your life.
Thanks for the informative article.

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