Law of Attraction – is Not a Secret!

by Ellie Walsh

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The Secret is — there is No Secret….

Law of Attraction has always been around – it has always worked whether we are aware of it or not! It is like the Law of Gravity – when you throw a ball up into the air – it comes down — It doesn’t matter if you know about gravity or not!

The Law of Gravity says – What goes up must come down.
The Law of Attraction says – Like attracts Like

The same principle goes with the Law of Attraction (also known as LOA)…. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not – – it just is.

And….. in essence, we have all know about it – actually many times we make reference to it — Look at the statements below.

Chances are – you said some of these yourself or have heard others say them….

  • Birds of a feather flock together.
  • What goes around – comes around.
  • Money goes to Money.
  • The rich get richer – the poor get poorer.
  • You are the company you keep.

How about this one from the Bible….

  • As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he

Or Look what Buddha had to say….

  • All that we are is the result of what we have thought

This one you probably have heard if you have read any self-help or spirituality books or if you have participated in any self help groups….

  • What you resist – will persist.

So – you say these are cliches we have all used – how does that prove the Law of Attraction?

We’ll pick the first one — Birds of a feather – flock together. Hmmm my mother used to say this one particularly when I was hanging out with people she didn’t like! She would point out what she didn’t like about them and then she would say it “Birds of a feather – flock together”?

Ohh I used to hate when she said it — The point she was making was – these people were not good (at least in her eyes) and if I hung around them – I was going to become just like them!

Was my mother right? Well…. Look at neighborhoods – neighborhoods usually look like a class system – the rich live in a group together – the middle class group together – the poor live within the same circle. Like attracts Like – Birds of a feather flock together.

How about someone who lives and believes in what would be called conservative thinking. They don’t hang out with people who have a liberal lifestyle. I’m not saying they don’t know each other — but on a whole they do not pick the opposite of their own beliefs to become bosom buddies.

So we have certainly known about the Law of Attraction – even if we didn’t call it by name!

When I play volleyball I don’t think about the Law of Gravity. Truthfully I don’t even totally understand gravity — I just know – what goes up must come down. And I accept that – – that volleyball is headed over to my side of the court and it is on it’s way down — and I want to keep it up and get it back over to the other side!

“Like attracts Like” – That doesn’t seem so hard to understand. Law of Attraction has never been a Secret. But — it is how we utilize our thinking process that determines how LOA works in our lives…

Here is where it can get tricky for us — here might be the secret — We are not usually aware of our own thinking process.

Continued –> Part 2

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1 Prosperity July 17, 2018 at 1:14 am

The law of attraction is very powerful, works, attractive as well. And as it is rightly said above like attracts like??. Great article. Thanks ELSIE WALSH

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