I Don’t Know My Passion!

by Ellie Walsh

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  • “I don’t know my passion!”
  • “What is my life’s purpose?”
  • “I’m not sure what I want…”

People will tell me — “I’m not happy in my job … but I’m not sure what I want to do. How can I create the life I desire? …. When I am not sure of those desires!”

There is frustration in this … Here you are wanting to create the life you desire … Excited about realizing you absolutely have the power to create the life you desire… And then realizing … “Gee I don’t even know what I really want to do!”

I work with many people … they first come to me either because they are uncomfortable in the life they are living and are hoping there is a way to change it … or … they have an idea of what they want to do – but have no idea how to live it!

And … many jump from book to book, seminar to seminar, process to process …. trying to find the answer… I guess they are thinking this book, seminar or process is going to supply the answer …. It Isn’t!!

I tell all my clients “I do not have your answers! … You Do! … and it is going to take some work to uncover them!”

I teach all about how the Law of Attraction works in our lives…. AND … how we work … how our brains work …

There is a critical piece that many are not teaching … and I believe it is imperative to understand. When you understand how we are living life from old programming – what I call “old stories” ….You are then empowered…

It is because of these “old stories” that most people really don’t know who they truly are…. They don’t know their passions because they are not in-tune with their own inner voice … they are running on those “old stories”.

When I ask my clients that question – “What is your passion?” …. many, many times I get a blank stare…. It makes perfect sense because in our society we have not been taught to gather information about ourselves…

We have been taught to gather lots of information about many things around us as well as about other people … But not about us! Pretty silly isn’t it? We have lots of knowledge about many things …. and little knowledge about what makes each of us, as a unique individual, tick!

The Inner Work:

The “work” that will guide you to knowing who you are … is about a discovery of who you are. This is not a long, difficult task …. Actually it is rather pleasant to uncover these things about you … When you take these steps ….? many have said they “felt like they were coming home” — Indeed that is what you are doing …. as you are finally recognizing, acknowledging and honoring your own specialness!

  • What Are Your Fulfillment Needs?
  • My good friend and mentor, Michael Losier has written a new book – “Fulfillment Needs – How to uncover what fulfills you so you can live your life’s purpose”. (book is due to be published late 2011/early 2012)

Several months ago Michael did a training call, on this process he has developed, with his inner circle member which I attended and participated in.? And while I felt I knew all about me … I did uncover a bit more about me – which has given me another level of clarity on my path!

I then knew… this is a very important process for people to gain insight into their own unique desires.

I just recently taught this process at one of my LOA Focus Group meetings and each of the 22 participants at that meeting had “Ah Hah” moments!

Many of those people have been telling me how helpful this has been for them. They have new clarity and feel they are now more aligned with the things they want in their lives.

Since that class… I’ve had people on and off line asking me to do this class again! So… I went to the expert himself – Michael Losier!

I am excited to tell you … Michael has agreed to do a Free Training Call on this process! “How to Uncover Your Fulfillment Needs So You Can Live Your Life’s Purpose”

The call is on Thursday, July 28th – 8pm ET / 5pm PT

Don’t Miss This! I believe this process is the doorway for you to gain the clarity you need to create the life you desire!

I don’t know when or if Michael will be doing a free class like this again!

To get all the information and to sign up for the call … Visit this website – http://EllieWalshEvents.com

The call will be recorded … but you need to sign up to receive that recording….

Mark you Calendar! July 28th — A call with Michael is always insightful and fun!

*See* you there!?? 😀



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