Confessions of a Burnt Out Life Coach

by Ellie Walsh

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Are you a life coach, health coach, career coach, spiritual coach ?? and hitting that burn out phase?

Oh ? I know ? if you are ? how could you ever admit that?!!

Here you are coaching people how to change their lives, get fit for life, step into their full potential ? and on the other end of the phone or computer ? you are pulling your hair out!

It?s OK ? You don?t have to publicly admit ? just know I understand!

You?ve been doing this all on your own. You setup your website (which means you learned how to work with wordpress, themes and plugins) ? You have a facebook page, you are writing articles, writing facebook posts.

You also should be on twitter and pinterest, Instagram and google+ ? Holy Crap they tell you not to use the same password ? and now you don?t remember which password is for which account!!

You have an email list, which means you know how to use Aweber, Getresponse or Mailchimp ? You have to be careful with mailchimps TOS ? if you are really savy you freakin know what TOS is!!

Here is a trade secret TOS=Terms Of Service? 😉

Geez – do you really need to know this to be a Life Coach?!

Your posting here, over there and in-between there!

Some days you don?t remember what the f*#ck you posted anywhere!!

But ? it must be working ? your email list is growing and people are starting to communicate with you. Some people even bought your ebook, workshop, one-on-one coaching ? Surely this is working!

You manage your email list, update your wordpress blog, create sign in and sign up forms ? deal with technical mumbo jumbo ? And run your workshop, show up on time for your personal coaching clients, and of course write another ebook.

It is working isn?t it?!

You?ve been sitting at your computer for the last 12hrs ? OK that was not totally true ? you are truly sitting there for the last 16-18hrs!!

And You are Teaching People How to Be Free and True to Themselves!! WTF is wrong with that picture??!

Now ? I suspect if you?ve read this far ? you have indeed been here and done that. I get it ? you are not going to shout it from the rooftop ? and quite possibly you are not even ready to admit it to yourself ?.


I will admit for me!! Yes ? I?ve Been Here ? Done That!
Preparer, Chef, Cook, Waiter, Server, Janitor & Bottle Washer ? That was me!

Teaching people how to be free ?. And ? And ? I have helped many, many people step into the greatness that they are ? Yet ? what the freak happened to my life?!

I was done ? burnt out ?.

I know ? you are told to outsource the preparing, cooking, waiting, serving and cleaning to someone else ? and you just be the chief. Have you heard that before? Well I don?t disagree with that ? except you better have some extra $$ sitting around to do that ? AND ? you better know who the heck you are hiring.

Yes ? I tried it! I hired people who screwed up my website and made mush out of my email list! (I hope it has worked better for you) ? And Yes ? Yes – Yes ? I know somehow I attracted that ? which actually pissed me off even more!

Still not ready to quit on my dream, my passion ? which was having my own business that helped others step into the greatness and trueness of who they are ? (Oh in that vision of having my own business ? I was only working 2-4 hrs per day)

Within all this craziness ? that I never talked about and really never let myself think about .. I would start to think about ditching it all ? and then I would get that email ?

The email that profusely thanked me for my workshop, ebook, or article I just wrote. The person would tell me how their life had changed ? how they shifted their mindset and could see and feel so clearly now.

Ahhhh ? This is why I am here!

Which is true ? that is why I am here! I believe we are here to step into our full potential and we will do so by being aware of how connected we all are.

So there I was teaching others how to step into their full potential (and doing a great job at that) ?. Teaching others how to envision their lives so distinctly that they would indeed be living it ? AND I wasn?t doing what I was teaching!

While it was and is my passion to help others — my vision did not have me sitting at the computer for hours and hours and hours on end!!

And for a while that truth had eluded me ? I was making believe all was OK with Ellie ? and it was not. When I finally admitted to that truth ? it was hard ? and it was sad!

WTF?! I am teaching others how to live their dream lives and I am not living mine!!


I sought out help ? I enrolled in a 1 year program with other business women ? we were going to take our businesses to the 6 figure level?. But it wasn?t far down the road that I realized I was not in alignment with this group!

I?m not naming the program because these people are fabulous. They truly are! There were many loving, caring women in this group? the courses they taught were great ?

But ? the truth is ?. I did not belong there!

Not an easy realization to come to ? I had just spent $8,000 and realized while I liked and respected these people ? what they were teaching did not jive with me!

Well the good news was ? at least I was in touch enough with me to know where I did and didn?t belong ? The bad news was I just spent $8,000 and I still didn?t have an answer to my dilemma!

And then ? when I felt like I was at the bottom ? it came to me ?.
(Isn?t it amazing how so many times we need to go to the bottom before we allow the answer)

See ? most of the clients I encountered where people who were running on an old limiting mindset ? So of course most of them were in limiting jobs. They were not happy with the jobs they had and they were barely getting by financially.

The group I had belonged to was telling me to change my market ? to market to people who could afford to pay me more ? but my heart kept calling me back to the so-called average, everyday person. The person who gets stuck in a job and lifestyle because they were stuck in an old mindset map!

I was called back to them ?. because 30+ years ago I was them!

These are the people I relate to.

Some will tell you ? if you charge more money you will get more engagement because people will value your time more.

Hmmmm ? That is and isn?t true! I?ve seen it go both ways ? people who pay more money give you their attention ? but I?ve also had the ones that paid mega bucks and put it all to the side and not do anything with it. And then I?ve had the people who grabbed onto my free trainings ? devour them and transform their lives!

So ? for me ? it isn?t about how much someone pays or doesn?t pay. It is about putting out my message and connecting?. Some will hear my message? – – others will hear it from someone else – – – and others? well they might not yet be ready to hear it from anyone.

As I was truly contemplating giving it all up ?. I reconnected with a friend who I met on the internet ? We started talking and she told me what she was doing. I was liking what I was hearing!

This business model gives me the platform to be in business for myself ?. but not by myself!

Special News A platform that when I have a challenge ? techy or otherwise ? there are people available 24/7 ? (that?s because we are global so when it is the PM on one side of the globe it is the AM on the other side)

Special News This global community is all about personal development! All about uplifting each other to our highest good.

Special News A mastermind team where we meet at least once a week ? to brainstorm and support each other.

I jumped in and have been smiling ever since!? 😀

One of the biggest challenges I saw with past clients was they did not have a supporting community around them. And that was also true for me? The best coaches/mentors all have a coach/mentor for themselves! Now I have a team of them!

This model has me teaching others how to change their mindset ? how to truly live the law of attraction ?. AND ?. I am able to supply a vehicle for people to also achieve their financial goals.

This once burnt out life coach is now a happy, energized mindset & marketing mentor! What felt so heavy and repressive turned into the best opportunity of my life.

Everything truly is an opportunity ? I also know, from experience, the biggest opportunities are usually disguised as a very difficult situation.

If you?ve read this far ? I?m guessing some or all of this has resonated with you. If you want to know what I am doing now that has rejuvenated my life ? Click Here or the button below.

? And please leave your comments.

I Believe in You .? I Appreciate You!



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