Are You Seeing Your Life Through “Old Story” Glasses?

by Ellie Walsh

Change your beliefs to change your life

Are you looking at your life through “old stories” … things that have happened in the past?

This topic came up today because I received a question….

So I wonder what it means that I have had pneumonia for 6 weeks….? Right now I have energy to go to work and then crash.? I tend to get pretty sick in the winter.? I wonder what that means about the law of attraction.? I mean saying I tend to get really sick is about acceptance, rather than denial.? But why do I get so sick?? It really upsets me.

OK — So I do indeed teach … “make peace with what is” and I’m sure that is what my friend is referring to when she states that she has accepted this…. There is a bit of confusion here… and I am soooo glad she emailed … This is why a community of like-minded people can be so important … to help you with this fine tuning…

If this person was in a group with me … I would absolutely tell her to make peace with the illness she was now feeling… I would absolutely say “what is-is” …. You have this thing called pneumonia and making believe it isn’t there (being in denial) does not change the fact that you feel sick …. you feel lack of energy….

When you accept what is …. you open the doorway to re-create.

  • Accepting what is — means you are no longer questioning it…
  • What does this mean?
  • What was I doing wrong that got me here?
  • What did I do?
  • What does this mean about the law of attraction?

As long as you are trying to figure out what is wrong …. You are in the vibration of “the wrong”!

What is – is …. is making peace with the situation ….
“OK I got this going on … it isn’t going to change in this very moment … but I can start my new path by turning my attention to the moments I do feel better.”

Notice I did not call this pneumonia — I, personally, do not use the doctor’s diagnosis terms … diagnosis come with all sorts of baggage that I don’t want… If I need to go to a doctor …. to get medicine to help ease my symptoms … I will absolutely do that …. And let them call it whatever they choose… I will not personalize any diagnosis.

I hear some people not only use the diagnosis but they totally personalize it …. They say “My cold”? — Do you really want to own a cold?….Or any other diagnosis?

“Old Story” Glasses….

There is a big red flag in this question … and actually within the question is this person’s answer to this “But why do I get so sick?

“I tend to get pretty sick in the winter.”

And …. you have been living that winter after winter after winter! So the law of attraction is absolutely working …. as it is bringing you this belief that you hold onto.

For me….I used to get bronchitis every winter and indeed I did … winter after winter after winter!

This was years ago…. then I started learning about – your thoughts create your life – (we didn’t call it LOA then) … So I started to look at this a bit different …. started to changing my thinking about it.

When I started to feel it coming on I took the herb echinacea and I changed my thinking to “the echinacea was boosting my immune system”? — Lo and behold it worked!!

Was it the echinacea? Well for a long time I believed it was! As I learned more about our thoughts, our brains and how the law of attraction works in our lives… I realized … it was my belief in the echinacea that was boosting my immune system!

I am very happy to say I have not had bronchitis since!

Just 2 weeks ago … I started to feel something in this body…. So I took echinacea! Now I laugh as I do it … as I truly know about the power of my thoughts…. For me it is now a ritual …. it is part of my making peace process and claiming my wellness as I swallow those pills! 😉

99.9% of the time that is all I usually need to do … but last week … there were a few days there…. even taking those pills I was not 100% …. I didn’t have an out right cold (not that I would have claimed that anyways) but I certainly have had days that I had felt a lot better….

What did I do? …. I went out of my way not to claim the illness! I did what I could do …. I rested when I needed to rest and kept my mindset in a good place… I made sure I told myself … “I’m feeling better than I was yesterday … this is on it’s way out … it is not a big deal”

I didn’t try to figure out why this has happened… what is this about…. I just let it be … and let it go…

Let It Be … And Let It Go….

Trying to figure it out …. is keeping it right there with you …. Make peace with it … Let it be… and let it go. Don’t fight it – rest when you need to rest… and focus your attention on when you are feeling better… Talk more about when you are feeling better than when you are not.

6 weeks has a bit of momentum … so be easy about this… Muster up the feelings of feeling better… Focus on the thought that spring is coming and you will be filled with energy to greet it! Keep your thoughts happy … find lots of things to appreciate….

Soften up that statement “I tend to get pretty sick in the winter” ….

Try something like:
“well I do have a history of getting sick in the winter… but it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. Even though this has happened this year… I am actually seeing the belief I have held onto that is bringing it to me…. Now that I know this …? I can let go of this belief. I can start to say – I used to get sick in the winter but that is not going to happen anymore as I am changing that old story!”

When I teach the “Making Peace Process” – part of that process is to be willing to experience the opportunity from the situation …. In this situation … there is indeed a big opportunity … which is uncovering that belief you have held onto that you did not even realize was bringing you the absolute result … just as it was supposed to!

See … law of attraction has indeed been working perfectly … you just didn’t realize that your belief was the vibration that was bringing this to you!

Time to get New Glasses!

We all have things that have happened in our past that have developed into beliefs … These beliefs are vibrations … if you find yourself living something over and over again …. it is because you have a belief … an expectation that this is going to happen in your life.

Change the belief … and you change your now and your future! 🙂


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh



1 keerti February 23, 2011 at 4:56 am

Really nice post.. Here, in
India, winter has just gone by and its time for summer to come in. At this time my grandmother keeps on telling me to take as many necessary precautions as I can because she feels that we tend to get more sick during season changes.

Well, I proudly declared, “I don’t get sick maa, so don’t worry so much” That thought felt so good to me, next I took out my summer clothes and put them on and felt so light and happy, she saw me and became furious and told me to put on a sweater straight away. I did not listen to her.

Next day, I indeed was sick. Not so much though, just had a cough and a cold but it didnt bother me so much.

lots of love and thanks for writing!!

2 Ellie February 23, 2011 at 4:21 pm

Hi Keerti ….
We have many beliefs … that we aren’t even aware of… A grandmother’s belief can stick with us for a long time….
It can take a bit of time for us to redevelop our own beliefs…
Thanks for sharing … and enjoy the weather! 😉

3 paula eckardt February 23, 2011 at 8:58 pm

Thank you Ellie. That was tremendously helpful. But the concept and the language are so new to me; I think I need a lot of help.

4 Ellie February 24, 2011 at 1:23 am

Paula …. You have been doing Great!

The most important concept here is – if I am living a situation over and over… I must have a belief about it.
That is actually a great discovery! Once I know I have that belief – I can be aware of when it comes up and start to change it.

As we have talked about in class… you check how you feel — How does that statement ?I tend to get pretty sick in the winter? Feel? You might say it “feels” like it is true … that actually isn’t a feeling – that is another belief …

I’m going to say the statement actually feels heavy … It doesn’t feel good to know you will be sick every winter!

The statement I put after that one – feels lighter … more hopeful … We are always reaching for what “feels” better.

Right now … Go easy with this… Find things to appreciate … let yourself rest… You are on the mend… And I know soon we will see you at the group!

Sending you Biggest Hugs! 🙂

5 keerti March 4, 2011 at 5:52 am

hello again Ellie!!
Today, I had an exam. Yesterday and today, I worked on getting alligned. So much of appreciation and gratitude and I had convinced myself, that it would go really well. Moreover, I was enjoying the process because it felt so good to me. But my exam did not go as I had imagined. Its been happening like this from sometime now. I am totally confused and feel terrible. I felt such a strong urge today after the exam to give up on the LOA…. and I don’t want to!

Today, I had made up my mind that this would be different from my past experiences. But I guess the old story didn’t die out… Any suggestions??


6 Ellie March 7, 2011 at 5:07 pm

Hi keerti….

At first understanding LOA can feel frustrating … Giving up on it isn’t going to help … because it works in your life whether you believe it or not. I think you are discovering that you have some “old stories” going on that you are not yet aware of.

Many times those “old stories” have momentum … meaning we have thought them over and over and over again… So spending a day or two thinking differently does not totally stop that momentum…

I’m thinking you might be more in the vibration of “I want this to happen and I hope it will” rather than in the vibration of believing it will…

I talk about my own frustration and experience with this in this blog post:

Go easy with this and yourself…. Start a “Happy Happenings” Journal. Write down all the good things you have attracted to you … all the things that have worked out well for you. Keep that journal going – the more you write and read about things going well for you … the more you will shift your vibration.

Don’t measure if things are working — Feel your way into them working and enjoy the process! Appreciate… Appreciate… Appreciate….

Sending you Big Hugs,

7 Pernille Madsen March 9, 2011 at 10:47 am

Great article, Ellie 🙂

I used to have back pains pretty often. Until I learned about the LOA. And realized that for years I had been telling this story about “I have a weak back”.
I started telling a new story called “I have a strong and flexible body”.
After 3 months the pain in my back disappeared. And it didn’t come back!
And now, 3 years later, I still have a strong and flexible body 🙂


8 Ellie March 9, 2011 at 12:18 pm

Hi Pernille ….
I also had a “bad back story” – I basically had some level of back pain everyday for years… and I practically lived at the chiropractor!
When I recognized it was me telling this story – I was then able to change it. Today – the chiropractor no longer knows me …. and my back is strong and pain free! 😀
Amazing how those “old stories” dominated our lives and we thought we were victims!
Thanks for sharing! 😉

9 keerti March 11, 2011 at 3:49 am

Hi Ellie,
Thank you for sharing. Well, I did get some insights from the blog you mentioned. Thank you again.
Initially when I wrote to you and you didn’t post for the next two days, I thought you wouldn’t reply.
Well, such ‘ridiculous giving up urges’ do come to me, but rarely. And the next day, I am all back to the LOA because I am so obsessed with it that I start missing practicing it!!
So here I was saying its ok for things not working sometimes, so what… and then I had the next exam the following day. I was really chilled out about it. Guess what?? I had an amazing paper and I had such fun writing it, It almost seemed like the feeling of being in the vortex. The next thing I know is that I was laughing at myself for thinking about giving up. I came back home in a really good mood and then I saw your reply and was thrilled.
It is such a bumpy journey with me because the next paper was not the way I wanted it to go but I knew it wouldn’t be great as I was having a very sloppy vibration.
Its not really easy to change my vibe when I am stressed out about something and also time bound.
Thanks again for writing
lots of love and hugs

10 keerti March 11, 2011 at 3:56 am

Another really interesting thing I read on the blog of the Worst Mother was that the best way to kill a non serving thought was to starve it. Starving it means not giving any attention to it. So eventually it would die out. That’s what I did. Every time any thought came up that was not serving my purpose to reallign or something that resonated with my old story, I did not pay any attention to it.

11 jo December 15, 2011 at 10:57 pm

hi elli
Very helping post….my Question is if u want something badly, object or a person in our life, and u know 90% its not going to happen, and when u try LOA and believe its gona happen, but each time u try your brain says “no its not gona happen”….how should i over come my negative thoughts ??? am stuck….am not able to over come my negative thoughts, if am trying to over come the reality its kind of bluffing the mind right ? i am totally confused …… 🙁

12 Ellie January 26, 2012 at 5:12 pm

Hi jo …

Stop looking at reality! What we call reality is nothing more than a response to vibration. Yes it has been created … but it was created through thought.

When you understand that … you stop being confused…

Put your attention on what you do want

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