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by Ellie Walsh

5 minutes reverb10.com

I’ve been following reverb10.com this month.

The? idea of reverb10 is to reflect on this year, 2010, and manifest what’s next for 2011.

I thought this would be a great way to look back and amplify the things I’ve appreciated throughout this year… which puts my vibration in a good feeling place for 2011!

I’ve been writing about the daily prompts mostly at my facebook page – http://facebook.com/LivingLOA

I was very drawn to the prompt from December 15th and wanted to share it here….

5 Minutes. Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

When I read that I thought “Wow — what was the most important things from this year that I absolutely would not want to forget about?”

Is my name important? Hmmm probably not… Is my age important? Absolutely not!? 😉

Would it be so terrible to lose your memory?

I’m smiling at this prospect as I work with clients all the time to teach them to lose their memory!?? 😯

Well OK maybe not that severe… I do work with them to clean up those “old stories” they have running around in their heads. Those stories that run around in our subconscious mind that we have then created habits of reactions from.

Those “old stories” – beliefs … that do not serve us. We are so used to them we are not even aware they are a dominant thought process…. If they are a dominate thought process… then that also means they are a dominant vibration… So we are in essence creating our now – based on old beliefs that don’t serve us!

Hmmmm – losing my memory is starting to sound like not such a bad thing at all!? 😉

So I got out my timer…

…set it for 5 minutes and started writing… I just wrote — didn’t think… just wrote…. The list was fairly long … and then when I looked at it — It got me thinking even more….

  • First thing I wrote was; How connected I have been to my inner voice this year

Then I thought… if my memory was erased… if I went back to the level of a child… I wouldn’t need to remember I was connected to my inner voice… As that would be second nature to me… just as it was when I was little….

  • Next on the list was: Carol – my partner

Then I thought … well if I forgot who she was… I would certainly reintroduce myself!? ;)? ….And so I would be right back here where I am….

  • One other thing I wrote was: All the happy & laughter moments

I do enjoy those… I have an overflowing barrel of good times to remember … an abundance of times I did the happy dance and laughed till I cried and my sides hurt… Of course we always have the opportunity to create those moments in our lives…

If I was going to lose my memory —

I would want to hold onto my good memories… and even saying that I am a bit torn … as the stories that we term as “not so good” or outright “terrible” are stories that helped me shape who I am today. I have learned to reap the benefits of those stories and rewrite them – so today instead of hindering me … they actually serve me.

You don’t need to lose your memory to gain new stories … you can go ahead and rewrite them now…. I have an ebook that I wrote for my personal clients with a process that I personally use to do that – “Out With the Old – In With the New. I give this book away at this time of the year … so you can start your New Year with brand new stories that will change your vibrations and enhance your life!

You can download that ebook here – http://LivingTheLawOfAttraction.com/ebooks/Old_to_New_2010.pdf

Please leave a comment and let me know what your 5 minutes have revealed for you – and also let me know if you are using the Old to New process!

I wish you all a Glorious Holiday… and a Wonder-Filled 2011! 😀

Biggest Hugs….

FYI: 2 weeks ago we just finished up a 12 week workshop where members were able to make significant changes to those “old stories” — Using information (how LOA works and how our brains work) and brainwave meditation recordings…. We saw great results! In 2011 the doors will be opening for a member area where I will share this information with all…. http://ReTrainYourBrainForSuccess.com


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