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Life Changing Event

by Ellie Walsh

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Life Changing Event A Life Changing Event:

The winter of 2002/2003 had been a harsh one – lots of snow and lots of cold weather. January 3rd, 2003 brought us another big snow storm – by evening the snow plows were barely able to keep up with all the snow.

I went to bed that evening – actually I was a bit antsy and I didn’t know why…. Gale laid down on the living room floor – she never got up from that spot again!

I awoken on January 4th – I could here the snow plows out in the roads — I went into the living room – the minute I walked in – I knew

Gale laid down and her physical body never got up again! No she wasn’t sick – she had no symptoms of sickness – she just laid down and never got up again!

She was 55 – the week before on December 28th – I had turned….

From that moment – life as I had known it changed – – it totally changed!

Let me back up a bit – In November of 2002, Robert, a good friend of mine sent me an email with a link to website. I clicked on the link and I was at the website of Abraham

I really liked what I had read and they were offering an introduction cassette tape for the shipping & handling price of $5.00. I filled out the form and sent the $5. I guess it was only a week later and the tape arrived…..I don’t remember listening right away. I had a bunch of things to do – the holidays were upon us – so it took me a few days – maybe even a week before I sat down and listened….

As I heard this tape – – tears started to fall down my face. No – I was not crying – it was different than crying – – I felt a deep connection with this message and the tears just flowed from me. They were tears of connection.

It was now December 2002 – and I knew I wanted more information from Abraham…. But I still didn’t do anything about it – – still caught up in my work schedule and the holidays….

As I was driving in my car – I kept listening to this tape from Abraham. Then on New Years Eve – Robert gave me 2 Abraham seminar tapes as a gift…. As I drove home that night I had popped in one of these new tapes – and again was filled with this deep connection. Abraham’s message resonated deep within my soul – – I did not feel like I was being taught anything new. I felt that I had always known this and that I had suppressed much of it.

Just 3 short days later Gale transitioned — and I grabbed onto Abraham with both hands! I needed answers and I needed them right away!

There is much, much more to this story – but – I am really not here to just talk about me! I have started this website Living The Law Of Attraction – to share what I have learned and discovered and to listen and learn from all of you!

I understood the Law of Attraction – what I didn’t understand was how to apply it deliberately in my life to get the results I was wanting!

Since Gale’s transition I have learned and discovered much – I am here to share what I have learned. So I am sure all of my story will be revealed here at this website as we talk and share with each other.

If you have any questions – PLEASE ASK – As Abraham says – “There are no topics that are off limits”

The best way to ask a question is to use the Contact Form — you can also add your comments to the posts.

And…. Don’t Forget to Stay Connected – Join the LOA Tips & News. I will be adding some Free Resources that you can access if you choose…..

Looking forward to co-creating with you! 🙂

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