Kuva?s journey as a physical being changed today, May 12th, 2010, around 1:15 pm ?.. Ironically or as I believe deliberately today is Gale?s birthday. Gale is who originally picked him out and adored him….

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I’m sitting here thinking about a decision that I would absolutely prefer not to make…. My boy, Kuva – a 100 lb chocolate lab is in the other room… he is not doing so good tonight….

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This is for You Mom…

by Ellie Walsh

My mother made her transition 3 years ago this month… As I was writing this article about her I realized I do indeed have a Hero in my life….

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Every morning I wake up and declare “The most important thing today is that I feel good!” And then during the day – I am finding myself trying to make me sad! …..

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“I need you to take me through this” – I will never forget those words…. How can I do this? I thought… This was a journey I will never, ever forget……

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5 Years Later……..

by Ellie Walsh

January 3rd, 2003 – Gale laid down and never got up….And my life as I knew it – – changed forever! Now here I am …. 5 years later – – I never really knew I would be OK. Well I did make a commitment to be OK – – but – – there were many days – I wasn’t too sure it was going to happen…..

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Life Changing Event

by Ellie Walsh

Continued from Who is Ellie A Life Changing Event: The winter of 2002/2003 had been a harsh one – lots of snow and lots of cold weather. January 3rd, 2003 brought us another big snow storm – by evening the snow plows were barely able to keep up with all the snow. I went to […]

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