Kuva’s journey as a physical being changed today, May 12th, 2010, around 1:15 pm ….. Ironically or as I believe deliberately today is Gale’s birthday. Gale is who originally picked him out and adored him….

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Oops! I’m late at posting the Law of Attraction Carnival #60. This month there are 3 articles that made it to “The Best of the Best” – I don’t always agree with these viewpoints… go and read and let me know if you do!

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It’s Law of Attraction Carnival time! I received over 30 submissions for this carnival and I promise you it wasn’t easy picking “The Best of The Best”. I did pick 7 … so come on over and read them all…..

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Wow – this is #38 of the Law of Attraction Carnival. The topic for this edition is – For the Joy of It!

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The Law of Attraction Blog Carnival #37 is posted… Our next Carnival topic is Joy!

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Every morning I wake up and declare “The most important thing today is that I feel good!” And then during the day – I am finding myself trying to make me sad! …..

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I just heard about this “Happy Party” and I absolutely needed to join in…. Alex Shalman started this “Happiness Project” over at his site

Alex asks 5 questions – When I first read those questions – I thought – – “piece of cake” I’ll write about this in a just a few minutes. Hmmm – well that is what I thought….

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What is a Goofy Life? Kids can be goofy and we have a lot to learn from them. They approach life moment by moment – they extract all the joy from each situation……. Go ahead and try it……….

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