The Key to Your Life is Understanding Your Thought Process….

by Ellie Walsh

The Key to Your Life If you aren’t sure about LOA – – you can read parts 1 & 2 here – Part 1 | Part 2

The Key to Your Life is Understanding Your Thought Process….

OK – – so now we have an understanding of the Law of Attraction. We know:

  • “Like attracts Like”
  • And – if I have more negative than positive thoughts around a subject – then the outcome is more likely to be negative….
  • And visa versa – if our thoughts are more positive than negative – the outcome will be positive!

But – – do you know what the majority of your thoughts are? Are they negative or positive?

Hint: Look at your life – are you getting more of what you want – or more of what you don’t want? There-in lies the answer…

Usually we have differing thoughts on different topics – and also differing results on those topics.

How do you feel about the relationships in your life? Look around at those relationships – are they for the most part happy or do you feel they are lacking?

How about your work / career / job? Is this area of your life fulfilling and happy – – or do you feel unfulfilled and restless?

Money / Prosperity / Abundance – This is usually a hot topic for lots of people. When you think of money – how do you feel? Do you feel basically OK – feel like you have enough to do all the things you want? Or do you feel a bit antsy about money? Do you feel like there is just about enough to go around from paycheck to paycheck?

Let’s take the subject of money – if you are thinking – – money is tight – I certainly could use more money to do the things I want to do – – but it always seems that I just have enough to get by and pay my bills.

So if I asked you if you wanted more money – obviously your answer would be Yes! And…. If you have done some reading on LOA or if you have watched the Secret…. You might be thinking – well I want more money – I have stated to the Universe I want more money – – so how come I don’t have anymore money?!

And if Like attracts Like – Then my wanting more money should bring it – Yes?

NO! Here’s why……

Let’s go back and look at the thought process – If you are thinking that money is tight and there isn’t enough to go around. If when the topic of money comes up – you feel a bit antsy. Then your dominant thoughts are about Lack of Money – Remember our job example in Part 2

So you want more money – but you have dominant thoughts of lack of money. Remember the dominant thoughts are the ones that get the results!
Yeah – but I think all day long “I want more money” – So that is my dominant thought – Isn’t it?

Yes & No – – Stay with me here…..

How do you FEEL when you think “I want more money” – This is the key to your thought process! This is what The Secret kept a Secret!

If you Feel Happy, Light, Joyous, Fulfilled – when you think the thought – I want more money – then I promise you – it is on its way to you!

BUT – – if you feel frustrated or annoyed or confused or antsy or angry or depressed – when you think that thought – then I promise you money is not on its way.

Well how can I FEEL happy – when the money isn’t here and my life is difficult without it?! I will Feel happy – – when the money gets here!

How you feel when you think that thought – is telling you, in essence, your underlying thoughts. Every feeling is in response to a thought / belief. You can not have a feeling without a thought / belief. Remember we think 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts everyday – most of our thoughts we are not even aware of!

If you are not feeling good around a thought – you are being informed of your dominant thoughts! Your feelings – your emotions – are your inner guidance system.

Confusing? Well I know for me it was – that is because I was taught to overlook my feelings – to get over them. Now – I’m being told to acknowledge my feelings because they hold the key to my life!

So now what? What do I do about these feelings/thoughts? How I can I change them?

Let’s go right back to the money scenario….

Here is what is going on…

  • I want more money
  • When I think of money – I feel antsy (or whatever feeling you have)
  • So – apparently I have thoughts of lack of money – or money is hard to come by – or I’ll never be rich — etc… etc…
  • I want to change my dominant thoughts from lack of money to abundance of money.

Now don’t worry I am not going to tell you to run around or look into a mirror and say affirmations. Affirmations don’t work! Well – let me restate that – affirmations only work – if you can feel good when you say them!

I’ve read the books that told me to say the affirmations – I would be in the mirror saying “I am Rich – I am a Millionaire” – and all the while I felt like a fool! I felt like this is a bunch of BS!

So – needless to say, that did not work for me!

The way to change your thought process is by soothing yourself – – soothing your feelings.

So…. I think – I want more money – and then I am aware I have some feelings of frustrations here – which makes me aware I have a thought that is contrary to wanting more money – I have feelings around money that is actually keeping the money away from me – I might know the exact negative thought that is active for me – but if I don’t know it that is OK – I just need to soothe my feelings….

I’m going to soothe my feelings by deliberately changing my thoughts – I don’t need to get my thoughts to — I am going to be a millionaire – that is too big of a jump. I just need to alter the feeling that is going on now….. Just a little bit better.

So here is a dialogue –

“OK – so money has been tight lately but I have been able to make ends meet – so that is good – I certainly have set my intentions onto more money — so I don’t need to figure this all out right now – I just need to have some faith that this is going to work out for me. I know other people who have been broke and have had things happen for them that turned their money situation around. I’m not going to let this be a big deal – I have sent my message to the universe – I know I deserve more money and I know it will come to me.”

OK – there is some relief in that dialogue – Do I feel like a millionaire yet? No – but I feel better and I have started to diffuse the negative stuff that I had attached to this topic money. I know I have diffused it – I know I have come up the emotional scale – – if I feel a little bit better.

If you can go even further in your dialogue and still feel better – then go for it! But if you go too far and start to feel antsy again – – get back to that little bit of relief.

Let’s recap:

  • It’s my dominant thoughts that are attracting things to me….
  • I can tell if my dominant thoughts are positive or negative by how I Feel.
  • I need to soothe my feelings by changing my thoughts gradually.
  • You can take an inventory of your life by looking at the different topics and seeing how you feel about them. ie: money / health / your body / relationships / career / whatever topic that is important to you. See what your dominant feeling is about each – which will tell you the direction of your dominant thoughts – For the ones that aren’t happy – start to soothe yourself on these….

Is there more to this? Well actually if all you did was find a way to feel good about every situation in your life – your life would be a spectacular masterpiece!

You are a Blessed, Magnificent Being! You deserve absolute wonder and happiness in your life! 🙂

We will continue on this journey as we look at and fine tune our vibrations. That’s coming next!

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1 marian bressner January 23, 2008 at 8:39 am

Would you kindly tell me more about how our emotions relate to the vibrations in our mind/body and possibly to health issues.

Thank you very much.

2 Ellie January 23, 2008 at 8:51 pm

Hi Marian…

Glad to see you hear!

This is a great question!
Our emotions are an indicator of what we vibrating back to the Universe. So — if we are feeling Anger – we are sending out that signal to the Universe….

Obviously I have not answered all of your question – as this little space is not big enough! 😉 If you would email me your question – with even more detail – I will be able to give you a more specific answer. You can use the Contact Form –


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