The Sky is Falling….

by Ellie Walsh

The Sky is Falling

“Help! The Sky is Falling!”

Hmmm – Haven’t we all heard that somewhere before?!

The original story of “Chicken Little” — The story was about Chicken Little who was in the woods one day when an acorn fell on his head. “Help” He yelled “The Sky is Falling! I have to go tell the King!” On his way anyone he met he told them with great horror “The Sky is Falling” — the other’s joined him in his terror!

Oh their way to tell the King they met up with Foxy — Now Foxy was not buying into the idea that the sky was falling – he instead saw a great opportunity for himself – So he told them he knew a shortcut to get to the King… He instead led them to his foxhole and ate them all!

Ellie – why are you telling us this story and what does it have to do with the Law of Attraction?

Well – Look at the dynamics of that story — Apparently Chicken Little was feeling vulnerable – had beliefs that something terrible could happen to him – had beliefs that indeed the sky could fall and kill them all! Then he ran about exciting others with his story. Those that also had fears or feelings of being vulnerable joined him in his doomsday story!

And Foxy… Well Foxy didn’t buy into the idea that the sky was falling. Instead Foxy saw he could take advantage of all these animals that were so filled with fear!

Why did Chicken Little and his friends even meet up with Foxy? Normally these little animals always made sure they stayed out of Foxy’s way – but in their terror – they not only met up with him – they followed him!

Pretty good story of the Law of Attraction — all these little animals were so caught up in fear – so caught up believing that the sky was falling – they ended up getting eaten up — and all that happened to start this was an acorn fell out of the tree!

ImportantNow the story doesn’t tell you this part – but in the forest were other little animals – who never heard Chicken Little running around saying that the sky was falling – – apparently they did not watch the TV News, read the newspaper or hang out with the gossip folks at the coffee shop. Those little animals stayed happy and healthy! The sky did not fall on them and they did not get eaten up by a fox!

I don’t watch the news or read the newspaper and still I am hearing the Chicken Little’s running about…. They are crying about high gas prices…. about the housing crisis…. about the environment…. about the economy falling apart.

As a matter of fact – the last few days I have even gotten emails from so-called “spiritual gurus” and “enlightening life coaches” and guess what headlines they are using? Things like — “You can be OK even in this downward economy”

Hmmmm to me, that subject line does not sound very positive. There were other emails – I just looked through my inbox to quote a few more – but I already deleted them all…. I didn’t want that “stuff” hanging around in my inbox! 😉

Are you following terror into the foxhole?

Once Chicken Little started to run through the woods with his terror message – other’s followed him….

It’s not so different today – We have a “war on drugs” – “war on poverty” – “war on wars” — Well from what I have seen – that isn’t working! Though it does indeed work perfectly within the Law of Attraction — we get what we vibrate — from these viewpoints – we are vibrating from lack – vibrating from the arena that our planet is falling apart – vibrating from fear and vulnerability….

And the foxes are also all around… We hear them on the news, read them in the paper and magazines, and in your email inbox! Are they being “foxy”?

Well…… they all have a motive – the politician wants you to vote for him/her so they stir up the issues – the news show wants you to watch their channel so they stir up the issues – the “spiritual guru” wants you to buy their product – so they stir up the issues….

All this “stirring” causes lots of vibration…… And we get what we vibrate……

Yes – I am indeed aware that gas prices have gone up – I am aware that houses have gone into foreclosure – I am also aware that some say we are in a global environmental crisis – and yes I have heard we are in a economic crisis…..

I am also aware that we have seen gas prices go up before – I am aware there are some who say the housing crisis is not really the crisis as it is made out to be – there are those that believe we are not headed for global warming doom – and there are those that say this is not a recession….

What do I believe? ……. What I believe does not really matter – what matter’s is what you believe.

ImportantAre you letting the Chicken Little’s and the Foxy’s dominant your thoughts and beliefs and lead you where you do not want to go?



Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


"There are No Mistakes..... Only Discoveries!" TM ~ Ellie Walsh



1 Lyman Reed August 24, 2008 at 2:06 am

It’s funny, Ellie… this is one of your “older” posts (at least in Internet time), but I’m glad I came across it this evening. I love being one of the people that the sky isn’t falling on right now! 😉

2 Ellie August 27, 2008 at 12:03 am

Ahhh Yes – No sky falling on me and no Chicken Little’s running around me…. That is so nice! 😉

3 Mary August 28, 2008 at 7:54 am

Hey Ellie, You are really wonderful, I agree with you. There are as many opportunities as potential difficulties in change – and each of us telling our own story. I caught myself really worrying about climate change as I live on an island and some Chicken Littles want to convince me that it will be mostly underwater in a few years. I was starting to believe them- then I remembered that Abraham tells us “Well being abounds, the experience of the majority is always and always will be well being” I trust and I travel hopefully and I see more peace and abundance than ever before. I don’t watch the news; long before the Law of Attraction was made clear to me, I felt it was anathema. Now I read the headlines briefly twice a day. Meanwhile I collect stories of little, nameless, scarce-remembered acts of kindness and of love.

4 Ellie August 28, 2008 at 10:27 am

Hi Mary……..

I’m with you – I keep the story of “Well being abounds” up front in my head.

I Love that you “collect stories of little, nameless, scarce-remembered acts of kindness and of love.”

What a Great idea! 🙂

You’ll have to share some of those stories with us!

Nice to *see* you here! Have a Wonder-Filled Day!

5 andrea February 2, 2011 at 4:06 am

I actually feel like “the sky is falling” and that’s what i just searched and stumbled upon you.

Help! The sky is falling! Everyone is afraid to wake up to reality and no one is paying attention to how corrupt and messed up the system is. Children are dying, people are tortured, and genocides are taking place. .. hmm.. and our tax dollars are paying for it. We are supporting it! But if we go along like complacent sheep, everything will be ok! Just stay in the forest and don’t pay any attention… mind your own business.. don’t even bother to look at the sky to see for yourself. *the nursery rhyme was not designed to help empower people it was designed to keep them from being empowered.

**but this is just what i think and maybe it will make you think too…
and i am a nice person
sorry if this sounds insulting in any way

6 andrea February 2, 2011 at 4:31 am

Maybe you can make the law of attraction work to help create a new system for our planet (all of humanity) which the underlying principals are based on sustainability and creating more beauty. A system where all life is treated fairly and with dignity. Where animals and families are not suffering horrible atrocities! Atrocities perpetrated for profit and power. NO MORE!

7 Ellie February 23, 2011 at 4:41 pm

Hi Andrea…
I don’t doubt that you are a nice person… and I absolutely hear your frustration….
I hear your frustration with how governments deal with the world … with how people look at the world… And I can say there was a time I shared your frustrations!
None of us can control what any other person does or doesn’t do….
We become empowered when we realize that … when we realize we can choose to focus only on the “horror” in life … or we can choose to focus on the “joy” in life.
That is not the same as putting your head in the sand. I absolutely do not want to see genocide or people starving… And when I look at it – I know these people are putting out their own specific desires to the Universe … as I put out my desire for them to have a good life.
Look what is now happening in the middle east – Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain and Lybia … These people are declaring their own independence… It is indeed up to them to make this statement.
I can look at what is going on in the world – when I see things I do not like – I can send my desire to the Universe … when I turn to the gazillion wonderful things in the world … I can know that life is good… and each being is unfolding, molding and creating the things they want in life…

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