by Ellie Walsh

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I haven’t been writing here much… but I have indeed been writing lots! We are into Week 4 of the “You Can Create The Life You Desire Workshop” and the folks there have been hearing and reading me speak often about “opportunities”.

So let me tell you this “opportunity”….

This morning I woke up about 9AM…. Now I didn’t go to bed till 3… so 9 is early for me… Then I realized I was hearing the sound of chainsaws… Chainsaws?! Those chainsaws sound pretty close… Up I was and off I went… to the kitchen window… And there were 2 guys down the driveway on our property cutting trees…

Out the door I went….down the driveway… Yes in my pj’s, robe and slippers. Now I kinda knew these guys had to be from the electric company… I approached them but they couldn’t hear me over that very loud noise that chainsaws make! So there I was waving my robed arms in the air – starting to walk into the woods… Finally that sound stopped…

“Who are you and what the hell are you doing?” … rolled right out of my mouth. The one guy confirmed they were from the electric company and they were “trimming” by the electric wires. We then had a discussion about their “trimming” – I felt they were going too far … they didn’t agree…

I again echoed my concern for the amount they were cutting and told them to go easy… As I was walking away – I was telling myself…. “Let this go…. it’s OK” and also thinking “What is the opportunity here?”

I got back up to the house… I thought – “put your headphones on and meditate” but I kept hearing those saws…. Then I heard another voice – it said “Get dressed and go back down there” That is the voice I decided to follow…

So… this time in jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers… I made my way back down the driveway… and was getting more concerned the closer I got… To me this was “slashing” not “trimming” —

I saw the one guy weilding this chainsaw back and forth and cutting anything in it’s path… Small saplings, lots of bushes and vines were being destroyed every movement. My arms were back up in the air and my voice was loud… very loud! “STOP… F&*ing Stop NOW!” very easily rolled off my tongue as I was crawling back into the woods….

They were trying to give me their lesson on what they had to do… and I was not going to hear it… “Nope absolutely not! You are going too F*&^ing Far!” Within minutes I had 4 of them surrounding me… each telling me how this had to be… and I was not having any of it!

I don’t normally lose my cool… And truthfully I would not even consider this losing my cool… though these guys might not agree with this statement. I was here stating my boundaries and I was going to be heard! I wasn’t just going to be heard… I was determined – my boundaries are going to be honored!

And I did notice … now I had their attention! At one point one of them was going to tell me about eminent domain … probably not the smartest remark to make to a landowner while you are on their property… and there was a time my tongue would have been much sharper than his chainsaw! I basically told him what he could do with eminent domain….

But now I truly had their attention… now they were trying to placate me… “Well we need to cut these over here…” “Nope those are little trees and bushes – leave them alone” — “We have to cut these…” “No again those are little and nowhere near those wires”

That is how the next 3 hours went…. Every now and then I said Yes… “Yes you can trim the branches on the large trees that are getting close to the wire” — but mostly I said “No”

My being there absolutely made their job more difficult… That is not my intention … but I was not going to put their desires before mine! On a whole they were yielding to my desires… though there were 4 of them… so every now and then 2 would go off into a wooded area.. and I would be climbing into the woods right behind them.

My neighbor, Coryelle, had come out and joined me… Coryelle is also in the 8 week workshop I am doing …. At one point we were watching them and she said to me… “Is this a good time to ask if this is an opportunity?” …. Hmmm I just looked at her and didn’t answer… But truthfully from the moment this started I was looking for the opportunity. I was determined not to see this as bad or as a problem…

As they continued down the road… I followed to keep them in this truly “trimming” mode … truthfully I followed them a bit passed our property line…. 😉

It was 3+ hours later…. I looked around and was very pleased when I saw my front yard as they did not slash that area at all…. I was hungry and ready to go back up to the house.

I am sure they were relieved I was leaving….

As I walked up the driveway… I was aware – I was not angry – I had just been determined. I came into the house… got something to eat… then sat down to meditate… as my “normal” morning schedule had definitely been altered today….

After I meditated – I then realized the opportunity!

I was raised with the belief – if someone is educated in an area that you weren’t – or worked a job that you didn’t … they were the authority… and they knew better than you! The authority always knows better than you.

When I first walked away from these men… I was talking myself into letting this be… But that voice came up and said “Go back down and monitor what they are doing” …. and I followed that voice! I don’t always follow that voice… and when I don’t I am usually sorry later.

Had I allowed them to do what they wanted…. ( Later in the day I saw what they did on the rest of the road and it was absolutely overkill! Literally! ) They would have slashed our entire front yard… taken down bushes and saplings that were in no way a threat to the wires…

Had I followed that old story “they know better than me” – I would have allowed them to do their slashing….felt powerless about doing anything to change it and then been so pissed off about it later!

Instead… I was able to hold my ground – literally – Not get crazy angry… but also be assertive enough that they were going to listen to me. I guess at first they weren’t too interested in a woman in her pj’s who was speaking rather nicely…

When I came back out and stayed out – they realized I was indeed going to hold my ground…. I was not backing down. While I might not know their job – I do know what I do and don’t want done on our property!

I do live a life where I choose to be aware of my reactions… that does not mean that I will not stand my ground. Finding a way to feel good does not mean I will not disagree with you… and sometimes I will still disagree loudly!

Allowing this tree service to do what they wanted which was slashing… absolutely did not feel good for me!

The picture above is the view from my front porch … it was taken about 7 days ago… so there is now more color and less leaves in that area… but I am happy to say those trees are still standing! And I’m feeling good about how the day transpired, how I reacted and how I was able to let go of another “old story” and follow my own voice!

Yes! This was indeed an Opportunity! 🙂


1 Regina October 12, 2010 at 10:39 am

Oh Ellie,

what a wonderful story to show that we only can live the law of attraction when we do what we really really feel!

So great, thank you so much for sharing and encouraging!

Dearest greetings from Cologne/Germany

2 Ellie October 16, 2010 at 12:55 am

Hi Regina….
Yes — it is all about recognizing & honoring our own inner guidance!
Thanks for sharing….

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