102.5 – No, Not the Radio Station….

by Ellie Walsh

TemperatureThat was my temperature! Yes Me! The person who never gets sick! The person who especially never, ever, ever gets a temperature!!

Me the Deliberate Creator — Me – who just started the forum for our Reformed Sloppy Thinkers Group

There I was sick and delirious with a 102.5 temperature! Ohhh How could this be happening?!

This all started on Thursday evening…. the temperature broke about 38 hours later — but I am still sick in bed! 😯

So…. when you know you are the creator of your own experience and you feel like you just got slammed by an experience you didn’t want – what do you do?!

Well in hindsight – I could now tell you – Yes I saw this coming! — Well I could say that now – but I didn’t see it then – and I was truly doing the timer exercise regarding Sloppy Thinking.

I absolutely will come back and talk about this – here and at the Law of Attraction Master Mind Group

I can’t seem to stay up for a long time — I get a half hour and then I need to lay down again! I haven’t had this much sleep in years!! 😀





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