Leaving on a Jet Plane……

by Ellie Walsh

Leaving on a Jet PlaneI was supposed to be on that flight this morning – headed to New Orleans for a week long vacation…..

But – it never happened – Instead my partner and I have been recovering from a week long respiratory infection. How did this happen?!

Certainly I am a good LOA person – don’t you think? So… How could this have happened to ME?!

I certainly could not have created this!? Why would I create a vacation that didn’t happen?! Why would I create a respiratory infection?!

Well I did indeed create this! I absolutely take full responsibility for this creation! I can say “I Created This!”

Why Ellie would you be so proud of such a yucky creation?

redarrow_right.jpg Well – I’ll tell you the story……..

Carol, my partner, and I, have friends who winter in New Orleans. We spent a lot of time together this past summer and they were always telling us how we should come and spend some time in New Orleans in the winter.

Now truthfully – Carol & I are more beach people when it comes to the winter time. We usually spend 2 weeks in Puerto Rico in late January…. That is our dream vacation. We like to lie around on the beach all day…. You can catch me on the lounge chair under the palm tree – Ohhhh that is living to me!

So when our friends talked about New Orleans – we both thought – Hmmm Well we could go to Puerto Rico in January and then visit New Orleans in February. We made a call to our time share – and sure enough Feb 22 thru the 29th was open in New Orleans. OK – we are going…..

Winter time came upon us here in the Northeast – our friends departed to New Orleans – and we waved goodbye saying we would see them on February 22nd…….

redarrow_right.jpg Now – as I look back – – I can see what unfolded…..

As December came around – we still had not made plans to go to Puerto Rico. Why? Well the money wasn’t flowing as quickly as we had wanted it to…. OK – we obviously were not allowing the money to come in! And here is where it gets sticky for all of us – yes even for seasoned deliberate creators – We focused more on the money not being here – than we did on the money that was here!

January was here – still no Puerto Rico plans…. Hmmm neither one of us was talking about it – but – the bottom line is we both had more awareness on lack of money and lack of Puerto Rico!

By the end of January it was obvious the only vacation we would be doing this winter was New Orleans – and both of us found ourselves ambivalent towards this vacation!

redarrow_right.jpg I know, for me, I had this empty feeling about not going to Puerto Rico. I had not made peace with this – I was letting it chip away at me…. I wasn’t paying attention to my thought processes! So I would find myself a bit antsy about this New Orleans vacation – then I would talk myself into it – then I would find myself antsy again – talk myself back into it again… etc… etc….

I did not take the time to clean up my sloppy thinking right there and then! Ohhh I see that now – but I was not seeing it then! 😯

So….. as many of you know – last week I ended up with a 102.5 fever! Me! The person who never, ever gets sick! There I was sick in bed for 3 days – – – AND – – – 2 days after me – Carol was in bed with a fever too!

Hey – when we Co-Create we do it Big Time! 😉

We both ended up on antibiotics and while we are better – we are not yet 100%. By Wednesday this week – we both knew we were not well enough to travel….. and we also both became aware of and talked about how we totally created this!

So – was this all a Failure?

Once we had realized what we created – we couldn’t help but laugh at how powerful we are! We didn’t get crazy about this. We didn’t beat ourselves up. We didn’t get crazy about the fact that we were going to lose money with the airline tickets….

Instead – we came to accept – – This is What Is – This is what we created – and it is all OK.

  • We made peace with it – – OK – I now see where my thinking was off – I never have to go there again – as I have made another great discovery! I’m going to let this all be OK – I’m going to get my health back on track and I am going to love me!

Ahhh that feels so much better! 😀

So we unmade the plans we had made for our animals – we called our friends in New Orleans to tell them we weren’t coming. We took care of ourselves and we truly laughed at the situation…..

This morning we awoken – looked out the window – – and the snow was falling and accumulating…..

redarrow_right.jpg Guess What? Our flight today was CANCELLED – which means we weren’t going to get there today anyways! And…. because the flight was cancelled – when we called the airline – they refunded our ticket purchases!

So everything really did work out AOK now didn’t it?

The moral of the story? Hmmm I don’t know if there is a moral – – but I do know I am a spiritual being having a human experience – I chose to live in this world filled with diversity and contrast – I do the absolute best I am capable of doing everyday – some days I am better at appreciating life than other days – some days I am more aware of how powerful I am than other days – some days I am more aware of the beauty that surrounds me everywhere I go – some days I am in total awe of the all of life – this life is phenomenal…. “There are No Mistakes….. Only Discoveries” ~ Ellie Walsh







1 Robin Skeen February 23, 2008 at 4:54 pm

Ellie, isn’t it funny how we always leave those clues for ourselves?? We are spiritual beings having a human experience and that’s where it all goes wrong! LOL. It still has to filter through the stubborn and forgetful human brain. Glad you are feeling better and look forward to hearing about your trip!

2 Ellie February 23, 2008 at 5:11 pm

Hi Robin….

I am feeling better everyday — AND — everyday life is always interesting!! 😉

3 Karen Lynch-LivethePower February 23, 2008 at 6:34 pm

No mistakes only discoveries! love that!
It is pretty amazing when we can see what powerful creators we are by seeing what didn’t quite work out!! When that happens it really hones in our awareness! don’t you agree?

4 Ellie February 23, 2008 at 11:17 pm

Hi Karen….

Ahhh – Yes – my awareness level has been peaked again — and I do believe I have more areas that I will be peaked in!! 😉

5 Gamy Rachel February 28, 2008 at 11:08 pm

Hey I am happy that all worked out well for Ellie.

I believed that since you have been practicing the law of attraction,
you have planted good seeds in your subconscious mind as well.

So I guess this trip was not meant for both of you to go at this timing,
and the best thing is you got back a refund:)

So you are certainly At the Place at the Right Time.


6 Ellie February 29, 2008 at 12:28 am

Hi Gamy….

I promise you this situation showed Carol & I just how powerful we are! 😉

Life is full of challenges or opportunities – the choice is ours!

7 Gamy Rachel February 29, 2008 at 7:06 am

🙂 I like that! We are all powerful !


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