Law of Attraction Carnival #64 – Final Edition…

by Ellie Walsh

Here we are at the Final Edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival…

I have been running this carnival since February 2008. I started with a partner… who in September of that year went on to pursue his dreams off the internet… In June of 2009 – my good friend from across the globe, Suzie Cheel, joined me to run the carnival together….

Here is a video Suzie and I did about the Carnival….

If you are interested in hosting this carnival – you can contact me here or contact Suzie here

Since this was my last edition I picked 9 of the Best of the Best and I absolutely had to feature my friend and co-host Suzie — Visit her blog for great insight and articles! 🙂

July 1st 2010 edition of Law of Attraction Carnival

The Best of the Best

Law of Attraction Best of the Best Suzie Cheel presents How to Manifest Abundance posted at Suzie Cheel, saying, “Being Grateful and Showing Appreciation are fundamental in using the Law of Attraction in all areas of your life. This also allows more abundance to manifest into your life…..”

Law of Attraction Best of the Best Andrzej Kowasz presents Attracting money posted at Demotivate yourself!.

Law of Attraction Best of the Best Arnold Brod presents Life Lessons as Spiritual Guidance posted at Spiritual Healing and Energy Healing.

Law of Attraction Best of the Best axinja granier presents 7 Steps to Squash Negative Thinking | Key to Being… posted at Key to Being….

Law of Attraction Best of the Best Francesco Settesoldi presents The Amazing Power of Relief! posted at BreatheWithFrancesco, saying, “This is a simple experience, but it?s a Big lesson for me, because now I?ve got the undeniable proof of the correlation between my emotions and what happens in my life. Now I don?t believe that I can easily let happen whatever I want when I ALLOW it?I just KNOW it!”

Law of Attraction Best of the Best J Gregor presents The Way of Manifestation – Visualization posted at The Power of Flow – Unlock the power of Enlightenment and Meditation.

Law of Attraction Best of the Best Kathleen Gage presents If you could turn back the hands of time… posted at Daily Awareness, saying, “When we are living fully we are happier, more relaxed and healthier. Not sure if this is true? Why not give it a shot. Do something every day that you are incredibly passionate about. Live life fully.”

Law of Attraction Best of the Best Steven and Debra presents Some Say, ?God is in Control?: We Ask, ?In Control of What?” posted at The END TIMES Hoax, saying, “Do we have freewill, or not?”

Law of Attraction Best of the Best Your Best Library presents Effortless Abundance posted at Your Best Library, saying, “It?s your responsibility to make the most out of your life. And the only way to do that is to do what gives you the most joy, satisfaction, and happiness. Do what you?re passionate about and you?re going to accomplish effortlessly beyond any reason.”


That concludes this edition and ends my hosting of this Law of Attraction Carnival. It has been a Great 2 1/2 years! I offer a Big Thank You to all who submitted articles! I truly appreciate you all! 😀

To our Readers – Please leave comments here and at the author’s websites and let them know that you, too, appreciate them! 😉

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Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


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1 Suzie Cheel July 2, 2010 at 1:12 am

Hi Ellie,

Firstly thanks for including my post.I appreciate sharing this carnival with you and value the friendship we have built over the time. As we said in the video it is time for us to pass on the baton.
love & hugs

2 Francesco July 2, 2010 at 3:25 am

Thanks for including my post again. I appreciate you. 🙂

3 Ellie July 2, 2010 at 9:53 am

Hi Suzie….
Hosting this carnival with you has been great fun…. I know we will continue our friendship and collaborate together on some new frontiers! 😉
Big Hugs,

4 Ellie July 2, 2010 at 9:54 am

Hi Francesco….
Glad to have your article for this carnival…. I thought maybe you would be the one to be the new host?? 😉

5 law of attraction July 27, 2010 at 3:34 pm

It can be difficult to change bad habits and to train yourself to think differently, but so rewarding when the effort is made. So begin manifesting the things that you want by making that mental shift.

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