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Law of Attraction Carnival #44

by Ellie Walsh

Law of Attraction Carnival #44Welcome to the 44th edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival…

This month is our second edition of our new format – The Best of the Best articles on Law of Attraction. I am liking this new format…. What about you? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think….

Each time I read the articles that are submitted for this Carnival I am always reminded how different each of our perspectives really are.

It is the scenario – one car accident on the street corner – 10 people witness this accident and each one gives the police their truthful accident report. When you read all 10 reports you find out there are 10 different accidents!

How can that be? Who is telling the truth?

Each person gave their truth… from their perspective….

With that… I give to you this edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival… As you read the different perspectives I hope you are entertained, enlightened and expanded….? Enjoy!? 😉

November 6, 2008 – Law of Attraction Carnival

Law of Attraction Best of the BestBecca Glouzstein presents 3 Steps to Attracting the Life you Really Want for You and Your Family posted at Inspiration for, saying, “This is an article I had written but not yet published. Now it’s published – specially for your carnival!”

As Becca states in her article “It is more important that you focus on your dream, the world as you want it to be, than to concentrate on the world as it is. This keeps you expanding with Consciousness and the Universe. Forever growing.” I absolutely agree with this!

Thanks Becca for writing this article specifically for the Carnival.?? 😉

Law of Attraction Best of the BestStephen Martile presents How to Apply the Law of Attraction posted at by Stephen Martile, saying, “Your construct of reality causes blind spots to prevent you from easily applying the Law of Attraction. This construct is how you view the world and either supports or hinders you. Once you understand the building blocks of reality, you can then make new choices and effectively leverage the Law of Attraction.”

Quantum physics – Illusions – Holograms – – This article is going to get you thinking…..

Law of Attraction Best of the BestCarole Gold presents Avoid The Avoidable posted at McKay Today, saying, “Managing the fear-based media through deliberate creation.”

Law of Attraction Best of the BestLouis Burns presents Presuppose Greatness posted at NLP Marketing Blog.

Law of Attraction Best of the BestSuzie Cheel presents My Mother Told Me Not To Brag. posted at The Abundance Highway, saying, “Do your blow your own trumpet? Celebrate what you manifest in your life? Is this okay to do or will you becomes as my mother once said:’Too big for your boots?” Is it okay to brag?”

Hey Suzie – keep on bragging!! 😉

Law of Attraction Best of the BestFrederic Premji presents The Seven Beliefs Of Success posted at

Law of Attraction Best of the BestITAKEOFFTHEMASK presents Finding Your Purpose in Life posted at, saying, “Finding your purpose in life is often one of the most difficult things we desire to do. What job is meant for you? How do you know what you really want to do in life?”

Law of Attraction Best of the BestStephen presents Take Hold of Your Birthright posted at Balanced Existence, saying, “Everything we are and the world we live in found its beginning in thought. From the house you live in to the car you drive, your mobile phone, the computer screen you?re looking at. All these very real and physical things we created by human thought. You should know that you are a powerful being. Your thoughts are things that affect other things in the world.”

Law of Attraction Best of the BestThe Pet Chatter presents The well and law of attraction posted at Pet Chatter, saying, “The story of dealing with a crisis using LOA and what a difference a year makes. Learning to “allow.””

That concludes this edition. I offer a Big Thank You to all who submitted articles! 🙂

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about our new format and what resonates with you…..

The next Law of Attraction Carnival is scheduled for Thursday December 4th, 2008 – submission deadline is Tuesday December 2nd.

If you want your article to be included in The Best of the Best Law of Attraction Carnival – Please read the guidelines before you submit your article… and submit your post at the Blog Carnival page.

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1 Stephen November 6, 2008 at 8:37 pm

Thanks so much for including my post in your blog carnival!


2 Stephen Martile November 7, 2008 at 9:10 am

You’re awesome Ellie, thank-you!

3 Ellie November 7, 2008 at 7:14 pm

Stephen & Stephen…

Thank You both for contributing to the Law of Attraction Carnival! I hope to see more from you next month!! 😀

4 Suzie Cheel November 9, 2008 at 4:54 am

Thanks Ellie,

And for suggesting I keep on bragging, not always easy to do, although I have just shared my book my 3 school friends who walk very different paths, it is getting easier

5 Ellie November 10, 2008 at 6:07 pm

Hi Suzie…..

I’m happy to hear that you are practicing your bragging! 😉

You Deserve to Brag!! 😀


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