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Law of Attraction Carnival #32 – Money, Abundance

by Ellie Walsh

Welcome to the April 17th Law of Attraction Blog Carnival #32. I’m a day late and didn’t even realize it! 😯 I thought for sure today was Thursday…. Hmmm well – today is Friday – this week has just flown by for me!!

The topic for this Carnival was Money/Abundance…. Let’s get right to it – before Friday becomes Saturday! 😉

We had 6 right on topic entries and they are our Featured Articles for this Carnival:

small_butterfly.jpg Featured Entries on Law of Attraction – Money/Abundance:

redstar_tiny.png Gary Evans presents How to Become a Money Magnet posted at Good To Feel Good. This is a right on target article…. Be sure to check out the rest of Gary’s blog he has written some great articles.

redstar_tiny.png Sonia Miller presents Creating Prosperity with the Law of Attraction posted at Sonia Miller’s Success for the Soul, saying, “In order to manifest prosperity with the Law of Attraction you must understand that there is One Source of Abundance, but infinite channels. By expanding your consciousness to understand your true source of supply, the floodgates of prosperity can finally open!”

Sonia has been a regular contributor to the Law of Attraction Blog Carnival – her articles are always on topic and she always links back to us. Thanks Sonia! 😀

redstar_tiny.png Hemal Radia presents “10 Thoughts On Abundance” posted at Manifesting & Law of Attraction The universe is TOTALLY abundant, it is a willing and waiting canvas for your desires….

redstar_tiny.png Debra Moorhead presents ?The Science of Getting Rich? Evaluated, Part One posted at Debra, saying, “I write and speak a lot on this very topic, but I thought this series I wrote would be particularly useful for beginners.”

redstar_tiny.png Alex Baranosky presents Allowing the Flow of – Alex’s Blog posted at Allowing the Flow of Life, saying, “Abundance is a state of being where you have what you love: this can happen in any number of ways. When you love what you love, the Universe fills your life with what you love. That is my definition of Abundance.”

redstar_tiny.png Michael Miles presents Money grows on trees posted at Effortless Wealth and Abundance.

…..The Best of the Rest – this entry is not on this issues topic – but I truly enjoyed reading it….

redstar_tiny.png Lorraine Cohen presents Oversimplifying The Law of Attraction posted at Powerfull Living, saying, “Expand your thinking about The Law of Attraction to manifest your desires.”

That concludes this edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival…. It is now 11:53 pm EDT – so it is still Friday – phew – that makes me only 1 day late with this carnival! 😉 Leave your comments…. You can view the past carnivals at the Law of Attraction Carnival homepage.

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redarrow_right.jpg Our next Carnival will be on May 1, 2008 hosted at Law of Attraction for Beginners The topic for that Carnival will be – “Health”. The Law of Attraction is all about vibrations. Write a post about health and the law of attraction. How nutrition and exercise can affect our vibrations for health and healing. Also can be about how to use the Law of Attraction to heal yourself. Personal stories are excellent examples.

If you want to submit an entry for this Carnival please read the submission guidelines. Then go to the Blog Carnival to submit.

redarrow_right.jpg Want to see a specific topic addressed in the Carnival? Send me your thoughts…..


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


“There are No Mistakes….. Only Discoveries!” ~ Ellie Walsh




1 Michael Miles April 19, 2008 at 2:37 am

Thanks for putting together another interesting and varied carnival. I hope to write an article for the next one!

2 Ellie April 26, 2008 at 3:15 pm

Hi Michael – –

Thanks for contributing to this carnival — I hope to see many more entries from you! 😉

3 Col May 16, 2008 at 1:50 am

Soooooo happy to have discovered your LOA carnival … what a wonderful thing! I’m always writing about Law of Attraction in my blog … each week practicing new things … new relevations abound!


4 Ellie May 16, 2008 at 2:49 am

Hi Col….

Glad you have found us! Hope to see you submitting articles to the Law of Attraction Carnivals! 😀

5 Jakes Pietro December 5, 2018 at 8:42 am

Everybody wants to have more abundance and live an easy and comfortable life, but not all people manage to accomplish it. Although working hard and doing everything you possibly can to get closer to your goals is necessary.

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