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“I Need You to Take Me Through This…”

by Ellie Walsh

Law of Attraction Transition “I need you to take me through this”I will never forget those words….

“OK – I will” I said – and thought to myself – Geez – I have no idea how to do this! But something inside of me was calm – I knew all would be revealed….

This dialogue happened last Saturday, June 7th, at the hospital with my dear friend Marria.

Marria and I had been friends for about 21 years and the last 2 years we were also neighbors up on the hill…

Marria had been sick for a couple of weeks…

Double pneumonia the doctors said… She had been on antibiotics for 14 days and as far as I could see she was not getting much better!

Her daughter, Coryelle, was here visiting from Germany – so she wasn’t alone in the house… That was good…

I would go down and visit with her and then pull Coryelle or my partner Carol aside – “I don’t like the way she looks” I would say…. That is all I would say – well at least to them.. But I had found myself a few times thinking thoughts that she was leaving. I would immediately stop those thoughts! What is wrong with me? Why am I thinking like this? I don’t think like this! I am always the person who is optimistic!

Yet that thought would persist and I would persist to push it away! And though I would not be actively thinking about it – I was actually always aware of it. And the minute I would see Marria again – BAM it was right up in front in my head again!

It really bothered me – She is supposed to live way into her 90s!

Before this pneumonia she was extremely active – people were shocked when they learned her age. I was always dragging her around to some seminar or crazy endeavor and she was always more than willing to go!

This was the crazy woman who would go to Walmart with Carol and I and the next thing you’ld know we would all be putting on hats, boas, scarfs – whatever we could get away with and laughing till we cried!

Then we would head for the toy aisle and push all the buttons so all the toys were talking and singing at the same time! Off to the card aisle to read all the funny cards.

At Halloween time it was really dangerous as we just could not resist all those costumes and masks! We would laugh so hard we would end up sitting on the floor! I don’t know why we were never thrown out of there! Anyone who saw us, including the employees, would end up laughing with us!

And yes we did also get our food shopping done! 😉

I don’t usually talk about age – as the minute some people hear an age – they place limitations and definitions on the person. But I will tell you – Marria was in her early 80’s. She had a zest for life that many people in their twenties do not possess. She was still growing and expanding – she treasured spiritual, personal development. She had accompanied me to many Abraham workshops and she was currently in a psychic awareness class that we all were part of.

This woman was vibrant, highly intelligent, regal, a risk taker with an incredible sense of humor! How could I be thinking that she was leaving me? How could she leave me?!

The doctors wanted more blood work done…

Coryelle was able to bring her to a local lab on Thursday, June 5th. The next morning Coryelle called me “The doctor called here and said we need to get Marria to the hospital as her calcium levels are too high” – “OK I’m on my way down” I said….

I got down to the house thinking we could take her in my car – but when I walked in and saw how weak she was… We all knew it would be better to call the ambulance.

In the emergency room they did some more blood work – took some xrays – then came in and said she would need to be transported to a larger hospital. This is a small town and this hospital we were at is mainly for stitching people up or stabilizing people so they can then be transported.

Marria would be transported to a hospital in Cooperstown, NY which is about 1 hour away. We had to wait for a bed to open up so we were there for several hours. I would go out to get a cup of coffee and a cigarette and each time those thoughts would be back into my head…. I would throw them back out!

Finally a bed opened up and the ambulance came to take Marria. Coryelle and I followed in my car. When we got there they admitted her quickly. She was so happy to finally be in a bed instead of on a gurney! Then a flood of nurses and doctors asking lots of questions…. Marria was tired but she was very aware of everything going on…

It was now about 9pm – we had all been going since 9am… A nurse came in and was setting up an IV and talking to Marria – at the same time the doctor that was there just a bit ago came back into the room – he motioned to Coryelle to step outside. I followed them…..

I was standing right behind Coryelle – when he started to say – “this isn’t good – all the blood work and test results are pointing to small cell lung cancer in latter stages” – Coryelle turned to me… I could see the total shock in her face. I just shook my head – I wasn’t shocked at all…

This was the message I was picking up for the last 2 weeks…

The doctor wanted to go in and tell her… We said “No – she is totally exhausted – let her sleep tonight – she can learn about this tomorrow”

On the ride back home I told Coryelle about the thoughts I had been having. She said to me – when the doctor told us all of this in the hallway – she turned to me waiting to hear me say – don’t accept the diagnosis – – and she was shocked when I didn’t say that!

It’s so true – I am always the one that says – don’t accept the diagnosis – You can and should accept if you are not feeling well – but a diagnosis always carries such baggage with it.

So – why didn’t I say that this time? Well – when I heard him – I was then so aware those thoughts I was having about Marria leaving this physical realm were a higher connection I was getting. Marria and I were very connected – we were kindred spirits…

She was so into the spiritual aspect of life – and now she was, on a soul level, ready to leave this physical plane….

Saturday, at the hospital, the doctor came in and told Marria about the cancer – that is when she looked at me and said those words – “I need you to take me through this” I immediately told her I would – and thought “Oh god – how am I going to do this?!” But as I said – I also felt this calm and knew it would all unfold….

Everyday I was at the hospital and everyday we talked – we talked about this was only a transition as there is nothing as dead. She was only going to change her vibrational form. We talked about how connected she is and how easily she will be able to connect to all of us.

There was one point when she said she thought she would be around in her physical body longer – but then she said she accepted this.. She was ready – but she wanted to go home.

The doctors said yes – we could take her home…

Wednesday, June 11th – I went to the hospital to gather all of Marria’s things – she would be coming home! Coryelle stayed back at the house as Hospice was coming with the hospital bed, oxygen and other equipment that would be needed for Marria’s care.

As Marria and I were waiting for the ambulance to come for her – I asked her “are you afraid?” “No – not at all” she said “I am truly ready – I just want to see my house and the mountains again” I told her – she didn’t have to suffer with this – she could let go easily.

She would tire easily – talk for a few minutes then sleep for a few minutes…. I was looking at her and she opened her eyes “I see such love in your eyes when you look at me” she said. “That’s because I do love you and we will always be connected” I replied. She smiled and closed her eyes again.

She got to her house about 1:30pm that afternoon – she was so happy to see her house and her mountains. She was all set up in the hospital bed down in the living room – she could see the mountains from the sliding door.

She was a bit uncomfortable that afternoon – every few minutes we needed to adjust her. She was still talking and yes she was still smiling. Around 4:30 pm she closed her eyes and never said another word again….

Thursday, June 12th…

She was still sleeping – she was not really moving. That evening Coryelle, Carol and I had decided to go to the psychic awareness class – the class we used to go to with Marria. Cindy who is a registered nurse and a very good friend of Marria was going to stay with her. Also Sheila would be there, Marria’s best friend for 46 years.

Before we left I went over to Marria – I called her name and her eyebrows moved… “Ahhh – see she knows I am here” I said. A tiny sound came out of her mouth. Then I said to her “I know you are in transition – I know it is beautiful – I wish you would tell us about it” I kissed her on the head and we left….

I knew, as we left, that she was leaving that night…

I didn’t say anything to anyone else – as I felt she was orchestrating this. I believe she did not want Coryelle, Carol or I at the house – later that evening Robert who is also a great friend of Marria’s came to the house.

Cindy had my cell phone number and said she would call if anything changed… When we got to class – I put my phone on vibrate and clipped it to the waistband of my pants.

Marge, our teacher for the class at Venture Inward, started the class and said she was not going to do a beginning meditation as we usually do instead we would do a longer meditation later…. and then a few minutes later she said “OK we’ll do a meditation now”

None of us said anything – we just went with it… Later Marge told us “after I said we weren’t doing that beginning meditation I heard Marria saying….We will do a meditation now – That is why Marge then switched to doing it.

Marge did a awesome meditation – Well actually we found out it was Marria who did it as Marge totally felt as though Marria was telling her what to say. It started out putting Marria in a white shimmering golden light…. I wish I could tell it all to you – but the sequence of it is fuzzy to me now. And the feeling of it is absolutely impossible for me to convey to you.

I have never been so connected – so uplifted! I don’t always do well in guided meditations – but I was right there on this one. I could see Marria – she looked stunning in this shimmering light – she was reaching up and she was so very, very happy!

After the meditation we all wrote down messages we felt we got from Marria and gave them to Coryelle. We talked for a bit and then did a longer meditation. Again – I don’t have much memory of the actual meditation – all I know is the entire time I was seeing Marria. Once or twice I got a picture of her as she looked then and then a big flash and I would see her so healthy and happy.

I was so connected the entire evening – I never have experienced such a joy-filled high like this before!

One of the women, Jessica, got a message – the message was – “It is time” – – “Time for what” she asked – – “Time to come out of the Chrysalis”

Then we ended the class…. I got up feeling light headed, giddy – I automatically looked at my cell phone –

The face of it said – 2 new voice messages – and I knew…….

The phone never vibrated! And I had 2 messages! I walked into the other room – dialed into my voice mail and heard Cindy’s voice… “Marria passed over at 10:08”

Coryelle called the house and spoke to Cindy – Marria’s transition was smooth and easy – they were all with her and Sheila was holding her hand as she took her final breath and as she did the lights in the house flickered!

10:08 – that was just about the time that Jessica received the message about the chrysalis!

Coryelle, Carol and I drove back – we were not crying – we were all so filled with this beautiful shimmering life! We were all awe struck by the experience we had. We all felt that Marria was in our presence for those few hours and filled us with this high unconditional love!

And then I realized – Right before we had left that evening I had asked her to show us this transition and indeed she did!

The evening before she transitioned I was standing out on my porch looking down towards her property… I thought to myself – “I have to pass her driveway every time I leave or come back home – How will I ever not feel the pain of missing her?”

She took care of that for me – – she showed me death is nothing to be afraid of – she showed me how absolutely beautiful it is. She showed me how alive she still is! She filled me with appreciation and adoration.

Obviously I did not need to know how to take her through this as she indeed took me through it! She took me on a ride I will never, ever forget!


Ellie Walsh Living the Law of Attraction


“There are No Mistakes….. Only Discoveries!” ~ Ellie Walsh


1 Jeniffer June 22, 2008 at 12:45 pm

How fortunate you all are, to be able to share such special experiences and love with one another.

2 Muriel June 22, 2008 at 4:32 pm

Thank you so much for putting this experience into words so beautifully. I have not written in my journal since that night because I have had a hard time putting the experience into words. I felt that I couldn’t just overlook what occurred and write about my days without touching on that evening. But, I’d sit there with a blank sheet in front of me — not being able to express the tremendous feelings that I had. Now, I will print out your story and insert it into my diary with a few personal notes of my own and start writing again. I only have known Marria for a short time, but she had a personality that stood out and made you feel as if you’ve known her forever. I feel blessed to have known her even for the short time that I did and I feel honored that she had me participate in her transition. Not only did she touch my life prior to her illness, but in her transition she impacted my life and taught me that death is not something to fear. I believe that there are many of us that learned something from her life and her transition. This was truly a wonderful experience…..

3 Ellie June 22, 2008 at 9:38 pm

Hi Jennifer….

I do truly feel blessed to have been a part of this experience and to have shared it with my friends…. and now to be able to share it here on the website with so many friends and to be friends!

Thanks! 😉

4 Ellie June 22, 2008 at 9:42 pm

Hi Muriel…..

So good to see you here….

Yes! I believe that many of us have learned something from Marria’s life and her transition… and as we connect with others that something spreads even further! 😉

I’m glad to hear that you will be journaling again!

5 Patricia June 24, 2008 at 11:26 pm

Dear Ellie,

I’m still crying… I started crying at line 20 🙂
A mixture of sadness for your loss and happiness for the good transition.

You’ll probably see life (and death) different from now on.

it’s great that you are so open to receive all this!


6 Ellie June 25, 2008 at 1:23 am

Hi Patricia….

Yes this has been a life changing event for me… I am still digesting it all!

The odd thing is – I have no sadness — I’m writing a post about it which I should have up on here within the next day….

Thanks so much for sharing! 😉


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