Home for Thanksgiving …

by Ellie Walsh

Happy Thanksgiving to family & friends

Today, in the states, it is Thanksgiving. Families have traveled all sorts of distances to celebrate together. Carol & I are home for this day… though we had planned on “going home” to visit our families.

We had planned on leaving early this morning and driving down (about 190 miles) to my niece’s house on Long Island. There much of my family is gathering to celebrate together. On Friday we had planned to travel to Manhattan to visit with Carol’s family….

But we are home – a little “under the weather” – Actually I have almost lost my voice! Hmmm some might give thanks for that!? ;)? I just want you to know – while my voice is squeaky – I have not given up talking!

Am I bummed about this? Well…. I certainly was looking forward to seeing everyone – But I don’t let situations “bum” me anymore! Today was actually a glorious, mild, sunny day here. Carol & I were able to go for a walk — well we did a little walk so not to push ourselves. Mostly we have taken it easy for the day.

Our good friend and neighbor, Coryelle, has a chicken and has invited us to join her and our friend Robert to share in a meal of giving thanks! 🙂

So… on the Thanksgiving Day – while we are not doing what we originally planned – I am filled with thanks and appreciation.

  • I have my loved ones in my heart
  • I’m in our home with the one I love
  • I have great loving friends
  • I normally have great health – and this detour will soon go away
  • I’m having a good day? 😉

When things don’t happen as planned – go with the flow and have a unplanned good day!

Wishing you all a fabulous day of giving thanks!

PS: I almost forgot to add this – TweetsGiving is a global celebration that aims to change the world through the power of gratitude. So far they have raised over $26K! “Each $10 donation brings us 1 brick closer to a classroom, orphanage/ dormitory, library and cafeteria at the #twitterkids‘ school in Arusha, Tanzania, or helps us fund a future Epic Change project.” I sent my donation – #TweetsGiving


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