Do You Have a Wealthy Mindset Map?

Wealthy Mindset Map

by Ellie Walsh

Do you know what your money mindset map is? Is it wealthy or poor?

You just have to look at your finances. How is money flowing into your life?

Are You….

  1. Wealthy
  2. Kinda doing OK
  3. Just making ends meet
  4. Not making end meet

The answer depends on your money mindset map. That map reveals the beliefs you have about money and the beliefs you have about your self worth.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that people who are wealthy think differently than people who are not. And… many times those people don’t even realize that … They were brought up to have a wealthy mindset. They were around people who cultivated that wealthy mindset map.

What does law of attraction have to do with that? Everything! Your mindset map is the beliefs that you have rolling around in your head. If you have beliefs/thoughts that say “you should settle for less” / “you’ll never amount to much” / “you aren’t smart enough” … etc … etc …. Those are the vibrations you are putting out to the Universe … and the Universe, through law of attraction, is mirroring that right back to you.

The good news is … You can create a Wealthy Mindset Map. A mindset map that honors and supports you!

Here is a video I did that explains this all a little more:

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