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A New Earth – 10 Week Webinar Class

by Ellie Walsh

A New Earth Eckhart Tolle Oprah show I can’t do a review on this book – – Well not yet – as I am waiting for my copy to arrive!

I find out about this new book by Eckhart Tolle from a friend of mine. I was interested in the book because several years ago I read Tolle’s first book The Power of Now.

I remember I was intrigued with that book and began to look more closely at the now of my life.

When my friend Marria told me about the book and…. about Oprah having a webinar with Eckhart Tolle and the webinar was Free! Well I was even more interested!! 😀

I clicked right on over to and read all about this…..

This is a 10 week class on the internet with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle. They will be teaching the teachings of this book and answering questions starting on March 3rd.

I think this is a fascinating opportunity to be able to access the mind of the author! While I certainly can’t personally recommend the book – as mine has not gotten here yet — Oprah is certainly raving it.

I, personally, would not pass up this exciting event! The book sells for less than $8.50! Hmmm can you even get a pizza for that amount?!

So…. don’t miss up this opportunity — Pick up your copy of “A New Earth” then go on over to Oprah’s website – Click on the link for “A New Earth” and then join her book club — Yes that is Free! Don’t forget to click the link in the confirmation email that will be sent to you.

I’ll see you there on March 3rd! 😉


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