Who is Ellie?

by Ellie Walsh

Who is Ellie Walsh?

Who is Ellie Walsh

Ellie Walsh is a Law of Attraction Trainer & Life Coach who helps clients understand and utilize the Law of Attraction in their daily lives.

Hmmm should I be answering this in the first person or third person. Oh there is a topic to talk about! Aren’t there times when you refer to yourself in the first person – I, Me …. and other times you refer to yourself in the third person – Ellie, She. Interesting topic – I am sure I will post an article about soon!

Anyways – my name is Ellie and if people ask me how old I am – I tell them I am 8! OK so you see my picture right up there and you are thinking — “this lady is not 8!” But I promise you most of the times the essence of me is truly 8 years old!

Think about an 8 year old. I’m not saying think about when you were 8 – I’m talking about the essence of an eight year old. Watch them – they are smart and witty – they are full of fun and laughter and excitement. They approach everyday as if there is something wonderful surrounding them! Their essence believes and screams out that the world was created just for them! And…. They are Right! Actually the world was, and is, made for each of us.

Being 8 means – I laugh a lot – I get giddy – I don’t worry if someone sees me acting silly – I am full of ideas and I truly believe wonderful things are suppose to happen everyday! 🙂

I have been asked if I have ADD or ADHD. Hmmmm – my answer is simple – “I don’t know – I have never allowed anyone to diagnose me!” I feel Great – I Love my Life! Why would I want someone to give me a diagnosis which comes with excess baggage? I have learned how to Love me just as I Am.

So why have I started – Living the Law of Attraction?
When I was a teenager I had great plans for my life. I knew what I wanted – I wanted my own business. I knew what I didn’t want – I didn’t want to work a 9-5 job day in and day out. I wanted the creativity and the freedom of being my own boss. My family – had other plans for me!

I am the youngest of 3 – I have a brother who is 12 years older and a sister who is 9 years older. My parents were in their very late 30’s when I was born – and I kept them hopping! I was definitely labeled the “rebellious” one!

My parent’s were hard working people. They came from hard workers – they worked hard – and they taught us, we too, should work hard. “Work hard and you will get ahead” they would say. Have you heard that statement before? I remember seeing them do all this hard work – watching my father in a job he despised – and watching my family live paycheck to paycheck. That sure didn’t look like getting ahead to me!

I had huge desires inside of me……. I knew I didn’t want to work a 9-5 job. I knew I wanted my life to be filled with the newness of adventure! I was very creative — I didn’t know that when I was young — I guess that is because I was instead labeled as having my head in the sky!

When I use to vocalize these adventurous ideas — I was told — “Who the hell do you think you are?!” This was said to me often as I often had all kinds of ideas….. But I have one particular memory at a very young age – I was probably about 4 years old. I don’t remember the idea I had — but — I do remember my mother saying that infamous statement – “Who the hell do you think you are?!” — I remember answering that question in my head “ME – GLORIOUS ME!”— But — I knew that was not the right answer to verbalize!

I am so aware that my parent’s said these things to me – because they were afraid that my ideas where going to make it hard for me to fit into society. Now… they were right about that!! What they didn’t understand was …. I didn’t want to fit-in – I didn’t want to follow the crowd — I had these great ideas and inspirations and I wanted to live them.

So — I know today I had this incredible guidance system – I was filled with the creativity of inspiration – and for quite sometime I believed I could accomplish anything I wanted — even though I was being told I couldn’t! But…. as time went on – I got more and more disconnected with my own inner guidance system.

I didn’t conform 100% – I just couldn’t do that – but I was not 100% true to myself — That causes lots of confusion….

So here I was in my teenage years with loads of confusion going on. I experimented with drinking around the age of 13-14, as many teenagers do. I liked drinking – as it made me laugh – made me feel good. I found if I drank I didn’t feel so self conscious – it made me feel like I fit in… and all of a sudden fitting in mattered to me.

I can’t go through all the details – well I could but it would take pages & pages! So – I will say I was always searching and I didn’t even know what I was searching for! By the time I was 28 I already had tried several different types of jobs. I would get bored with the jobs and needed to go and try something else. I was in my second relationship which was in trouble. And I had already been reading self help books – books by Og Mandino. All through this I was a drinker — and at times I knew my drinking was causing me more trouble than relief.

And then my partner and I went to couple’s therapy. It turned out this therapist was in Alcoholics Anonymous. Right away she picked up on my drinking and the focus was on me and how I should go to AA.

I did go to AA – when I walked into those rooms, while part of me screamed No — another part of me felt like this might be what I am searching for. I did stop drinking at the age of 28 — While I have many thoughts about addictions and 12 step programs – I guess we can talk about that on another blog! 🙂

So my path became AA – which then opened doors for me to deal with spirituality – which then opened many, many, many doors for me!

I read all the time – I read Emmet Fox, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Neale Donald Walsch and countless others. The doors for me to understand Law of Attraction was finally opened! or… should I say…. “I reconnected with what I had always known deep inside of me”

My life was good…… and it was getting gooder everyday! I had a fantastic relationship – I met Gale in AA, in Queens NY – we immediately knew we were made for each other! We were together a little over 1 year and then we moved to Upstate NY. Both of us were so happy!

We both loved the country – some people say this is the boonies! We both were into reading books that were inspiring – I guess those types of books are called spiritual or self help or new age — Whatever you call them – they were inspiring! We met people up here who were on similar paths as ours – we had lots of fun – lots of laughter – we had big dreams…… At this point we had been together about 18 years and living upstate for a little over 16 years……….. And Then…….

Life Changing Event:

January 3rd, 2003 – Gale laid down and her physical body never got up again! Continued –>

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